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About Box Office Tycoon

Build a Movie Theater or Cinema in the Hottest of New Idle Games 🎥
Become a Box Office Tycoon in the Film Industry!
Get Hollywood Rich! Build a Movie Empire!

If you love Idle Tycoon Management games, this new casual game will blow you away. Watch as your box office movie empire grows!

• CASUAL and EASY idle management game play!
• Build Concessions, Arcades, Karaoke, Theaters, Ticket Booths and more!
• Hire MANAGERS to earn money FASTER!!
• Tap to UPGRADE stations and EARN MORE! 👏
• Complete GOALS to earn rewards and unlock NEW LOCATIONS 🏆
• Hold VIP SCREENINGS and run Marketing BOOSTS for extra profits
• Build an Idle Box Office MOVIE empire and watch it grow

• Theater continues generating money even when offline or online!
• Watch customers interact with your movie theater and watch movies
• No skill necessary, just continuous play!

• Free casual management game like many others
• Tap to Upgrade and earn BOOSTS
• Adventure through multiple movie theaters

Tired of being a miner or a farmer or managing a theme park , fitness gym , city , supermarket , factory , prison , food or hotel empire? Become an idle movie tycoon capitalist

If you love Idle and Incremental games, this is the Casual tycoon game for you!
Play the Best in Fun Free Idle Games on Mobile! Download Now!

The makers of Idle Golf Tycoon and Idle Property Manager Tycoon!

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Got any problems or suggestions?
Feel free to send a message to [email protected]
– we are always happy about our players’ feedback!

► The game does not offer an opportunity to win real cash money or real prizes.

By downloading this app you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of Terms of Use and are subject to the Privacy Policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Box Office Tycoon?

Box Office Tycoon is a casual and easy idle management game where players build and manage a movie theater or cinema to become a box office tycoon in the film industry.

What are the features of Box Office Tycoon?

The features of Box Office Tycoon include building concessions, arcades, karaoke, theaters, ticket booths and more, hiring managers to earn money faster, tapping to upgrade stations and earn more, completing goals to earn rewards and unlock new locations, holding VIP screenings and running marketing boosts for extra profits, and building an idle box office movie empire and watching it grow.

Can players play Box Office Tycoon offline?

Yes, players can play Box Office Tycoon offline or online, as the theater continues generating money even when not actively playing.

What type of game is Box Office Tycoon?

Box Office Tycoon is a free casual management game that is similar to many other idle tycoon games, where players tap to upgrade and earn boosts and adventure through multiple movie theaters.

What other games were made by the creators of Box Office Tycoon?

The creators of Box Office Tycoon also made Idle Golf Tycoon and Idle Property Manager Tycoon.

Is there a way to give feedback or report problems?

Yes, players can send a message to [email protected] to give feedback or report problems. The developers are always happy to receive players' feedback.
Its a great game but the only thing is it takes forever to earn money
Trissa Clark
Great meet great
Bertina Banks
i think its a really good well made game
Good Game
Maurice Hewitt Jr
Alex Cottrell
i like your gmes dude there so epic and verey cool i put 5 stars for u enjoy your start i love all your games dude
lark explosion