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About NeighborMood: Life & Money Simulation Game

Welcome to your NeighborMood and get ready to make tough financial decisions and real life choices with lasting consequences! Survive senior year of high school in this life simulator and maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about managing your money and your life in the real world.

Will you manage to avoid the scams and fake text messages? Will you go broke from getting that cash advance and payday loan? Will your credit and money habits affect your life and your happiness? It’s all up to you... But whatever you choose, you’ll have to live with the consequences!

The NeighborMood is a story-based life simulation game for kids and adults alike to learn financial literacy and consumer skills. Never get ripped off by targeted fake deals, predatory loans, or tricky fine print again and start growing healthy money habits.

“Wow! This game is actually fun and I’m learning something useful for once!” – a real life kid

“Wow! My kid is actually learning something for once and they seem to be enjoying themselves!” – a real life parent

It’s an adventure worth playing! Get savvy, get happy, and more in your own NeighborMood story!

As seen on USA Today and Florida Today

"[The NeighborMood™] will cut through the noise and teach kids the skills to navigate a world increasingly hostile to their financial well-being."

Created by Dot Dot Fire in partnership with the FoolProof Foundation. Dot Dot Fire creates learning games for kids and the FoolProof curriculum is used by over 8,000 schools across the USA.

The first game ever endorsed by The Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood and the Children’s Screen Time Action Network.

Do you love a good interactive story? Do you think you’re good at money management? This is the casual offline game for you! The NeighborMood is a slice of life simulation game where your choices change the story, your character, and the city!

WELCOME TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Play as Ali, a high school senior, in this interactive high school story game. More interactive than a visual novel, the role playing game will take you through a story adventure where you will experience the life of a high school senior juggling a part-time job, school, and your favorite hobby soccer. Money management will be most important as simulated life scenarios throw themselves at Ali, such as scams, fake text messages, and fake sales, and you will have to make choices to progress in this story game.

YOUR CHOICES MATTER In this choice based game, your decisions are key to the progress of your interactive story. You will experience many episodes that will require difficult choices to be made. If you love casual but deep stories, this is the offline adventure game for you! Learning about money management and being a helpful neighbor to other characters will really make this life story simulation worthwhile.

BUILD YOUR CITY Your city will grow with you! Help your neighbors through their interactive stories and make good choices for them to build your city. Build and manage your city through progressing in the story – the ultimate interactive experience!

MANAGE YOUR LIFE Everything in the game comes down to decisions and choices. The main character Ali’s path in high school and his story after high school is all up to you.

KEY FEATURES - Help other characters - Improve your city - No ads, 100% FREE - Offline casual game - If you love games like BitLife, The Sims, visual novel games, story games, adventure games, then this is the casual game for you! - Endorsed by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood and the Children’s Screen Time Action Network - More stories and updates to come!

PARTNERED WITH FOOLPROOF The FoolProof Foundation’s trusted financial literacy curriculum is used in over 8,000 schools across the US. Real financial literacy learning in this story based interactive game is guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is NeighborMood?

NeighborMood is a life simulation game that allows players to make financial decisions and real-life choices with lasting consequences.

Can I learn about managing money in NeighborMood?

Yes, NeighborMood is designed to teach players about managing money and growing healthy money habits.

Are there scams and fake text messages in NeighborMood?

Yes, players will encounter scams and fake text messages in NeighborMood, and their choices will determine the outcome.

Is NeighborMood suitable for kids and adults?

Yes, NeighborMood is suitable for both kids and adults, as it is a story-based life simulation game for all ages.

What is the purpose of NeighborMood?

The purpose of NeighborMood is to provide a fun and educational experience that teaches financial literacy and consumer skills.

Are there any endorsements for NeighborMood?

Yes, NeighborMood is endorsed by The Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood and the Children's Screen Time Action Network.

Can I play NeighborMood offline?

Yes, NeighborMood is an offline game that can be played without an internet connection.

Is NeighborMood free?

Yes, NeighborMood is 100% free to play and does not contain any ads.

What is the role of the FoolProof Foundation in NeighborMood?

The FoolProof Foundation's financial literacy curriculum is used in NeighborMood to provide real financial literacy learning.

Will NeighborMood have additional stories and updates?

Yes, NeighborMood will have more stories and updates in the future.
Great game! Wish I had this growing up!
Andrew Guthrie
This game is really fun! I hope the next season will come out soon
Absolutely LOVE this game! Anxiously waiting for season 3 & 4!
Jaime Strickland
It's an amazing money control game! It teaches alot about personal finance! I'm waiting for 3rd and 4th season!
Shubham Mane
Absolutely love this game
carliee faulkner
Really engaging and accessible. The makers found a really effective way of making competitive play educational. I think lots of young people would benefit from this!
Sabrina Au