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About Rent Please!-Landlord Sim

- Introduction
Years of renting have made you finally decide to return to your home and inherit your family business to become a reliable landlord.Back to the familiar seaside town. You embark on a challenging landlord trip.
All the challenges start with the Single Apartment. As a good landlord, how will you build your community?

Of course, It's not an easy move.
The tenants' demands are varied.
How will you respond to their needs?
Meeting their needs may bring you surprises!

-Game Features:
· Experience the Joy of Being a Wealthy Landlord
Feel tired of the reality? Try Rent Please!- Landlord Sim and create your dream community. You are a wealthy landlord who owns properties worth more than a billion and manages the community as a whole. Everything is under YOUR control.

· Meet Various Tenants with Different Stories
You are not alone here among interesting tenants in the community. You are their landlord and also a friend. Communicate with tenants and share their life fragments. If you are willing to help, you can give your advice when they are in trouble.

· Unlock Different Types of Room
Decidophobia? It’s not a thing here. You can unlock all of the rooms here. The single apartment/the couple apartment/sea house and more await you to unlock.

· Explore Two Maps with Distinctive Styles
Do you prefer a comfortable coastal town or a fashionable city with nightlife? Each map has its features and themes. You can experience a completely different lifestyle on different maps.

· Design A Private House that Belongs to you
Everyone needs their own private space. So we have created dedicated private areas for our landlords. Independent garden and spacious rooms as well as decorating options that can be completely customized. The appearance of your home is all up to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Rent Please!-Landlord Sim about?

Rent Please!-Landlord Sim is a game where you become a wealthy landlord who manages properties and builds a community.

What are the features of Rent Please!-Landlord Sim?

The features of Rent Please!-Landlord Sim include experiencing the joy of being a wealthy landlord, meeting various tenants with different stories, unlocking different types of rooms, exploring two maps with distinctive styles, and designing a private house that belongs to you.

What can I do as a landlord in Rent Please!-Landlord Sim?

As a landlord in Rent Please!-Landlord Sim, you can manage properties, communicate with tenants, give advice, unlock different types of rooms, explore different maps, and design your own private house.