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About Merchant Master

There was a young man who dreamed of becoming a wealthy and powerful merchant, with the hope of becoming the richest man in the world. Recruit talents, obtain pets, and meet your beloved beauties. From a humble merchant to the master of merchant empire, this is the way of merchant!

- Game Features -

1. Nostalgic scenery and beautiful view:
With full ink wash painting graphics, this game presents you a fully recreated ancient prosperous town.

2. Manage the best business in town:
In this thriving town, there are various business to run: bank, grocery store, tavern. Start from scratch, work your way up to the master!

3. Recruit all the talents:
Magician, taylor, jester, poet, all the talents from each profession are here to aid you. They are the best at their time, now it's time for you to shine in this ancient era.

4. Meet the beloved:
Travel through the world and meet all the charming gorgeous ladies. The lovely maid, exotic princess, female general, who will accompany with you along the way to the very top?

5. Raise offsprings:
Raise children with your beloved; male, female and even twins. Then look for a matching partner within the fellow merchants, to bond together with marriage; thus creating a strong merchant empire.

6. Mythical beast, spiritual pet:
Either a house cat or a mythical beast, you will be able to collect them in this game. Exploring in the deep forest, traveling across the sea, pets will grant you a great boost in the world full of business war.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Merchant Master?

Merchant Master is a game where players can become a wealthy and powerful merchant, recruit talents, obtain pets, and meet beautiful characters.

What are the game features of Merchant Master?

The game features include nostalgic scenery and beautiful views, managing various businesses, recruiting talented individuals, meeting charming characters, raising offspring, and collecting mythical beasts and spiritual pets.
Fun game!
Aimee Valentine Marasuchi
good game
Casey Kauflin
Very simple and its a time killer when theres nothing to do
Sugeng Barbar
Love it💖🤗💯
Irene Febus
hmm this is a pretty good game
Lionel Eadric Liefrandt