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About From Zero to Hero: Communist

From the creators of the ultra-popular game - From Zero to Hero!
Become a communist leader and bring light to the world of communism!

- Begin Your life as a poor worker, gathering crops in the fields;
- Live in a wagon and ride on a horse-drawn cart.
- Begin your life from the bottom and plan your path to raising to a power.
- Get contacted in multiple spheres and professions
- Scourge intrigues and unravels conspiracies'
- Test your dictator skills in practice
- Repress traitors and all those who disagree with your opinion
- Find your competitor secrets
- Create Your army and destroy your enemies
- Be in control of the state as long as possible and don't die beforehand.

Overthrow the regime and establish your dictatorship! Build your party, become the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and achieve the prosperity of your dictatorship!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is From Zero to Hero: Communist?

From Zero to Hero: Communist is a game where players can become a communist leader and experience the world of communism.

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to rise to power, establish a dictatorship, and achieve prosperity for your regime.

How does the game start?

The game starts with the player as a poor worker, gathering crops in the fields and living in a wagon riding on a horse-drawn cart.

What activities can be done in the game?

In the game, players can experience multiple spheres and professions, engage in intrigues and uncover conspiracies, test their dictator skills, repress traitors and those who disagree, find competitor secrets, build their army, and destroy enemies.

How long can players be in control of the state?

Players can try to stay in control of the state for as long as possible and avoid dying beforehand.

Can players overthrow the regime?

Yes, players have the opportunity to overthrow the regime and establish their own dictatorship.

How can players achieve prosperity for their dictatorship?

Players can achieve prosperity for their dictatorship by building their party, becoming the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and implementing their own policies.
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