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About RT App: Personal Money Manager (Beta)

RT App is a personal money manager that tracks your financial transactions (Cash, card, and receipts) accurately with an exceptional level of details. Our sophisticated recognition algorithm can tell you exactly how you spend every single penny so you’re aware of your outgoings and thus, can take control over your wealth-building process.

Why RT App?

We have a saying ‘a Penny saved a Penny earned!’

Our goal is to make complex financial data look very simple via beautiful visualisation and highlights, so you know at a glance which areas of your spending require an improvement.

Unfortunately, other money manager apps just present the data without giving any recommendations/suggestions on how to start saving more to have a more secure way of life. We don’t stop there we genuinely interested to see you prosper so everyone in the United Kingdom can have more money to fulfill their financial goals and desires. (More countries will be added soon)

In 2019, 28% of people living in the UK still use cash as a source of payment and that’s nearly a third of all transactions that go missing day by day. We want you to be in charge of your data so you can make well-informed financial decisions.

Furthermore, RT has a dedicated team of financial analysts who specialises in modelling creation to demonstrate to you how each penny saved today can translate into many more with years to come by reinvesting it via our experienced business partners.