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"Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?"
- Edgar Allan Poe

New game by Lemon Jam Studio, the team behind Pursuit of Light.

The year 2076.

Mirror - a virtual world , has completed public beta , and officially entered the commercial stage.

The Mirror Device brings people into the virtual world.

The company behind it, Mirror Group, as a result, became world's largest company.

Mirror World has caught everyone's attention, but there are many hidden secrets.

In Mirror world, who are you?

-Cyberpunk style platformer
-20 challenging game levels
-Lots of hidden items and rewards waiting to be discovered
-Upgrade and build your powerful character
-Many cyberpunk equipments
-Different kinds of enemies. Beat them with your wits.
-More new chapters and levels coming.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


INTO MIRROR is a new game developed by Lemon Jam Studio, known for their game Pursuit of Light. It is a cyberpunk style platformer set in the year 2076.

What is Mirror?

Mirror is a virtual world that has completed public beta and is now in the commercial stage. The Mirror Device allows people to enter this virtual world.

Who is the company behind Mirror?

The company behind Mirror is Mirror Group, which has become the world's largest company as a result of the success of Mirror World.

Are there any hidden secrets in Mirror World?

Yes, Mirror World has many hidden secrets that have caught everyone's attention.

What are the features of INTO MIRROR?

The features of INTO MIRROR include a cyberpunk style platformer gameplay, 20 challenging game levels, hidden items and rewards to be discovered, character upgrading and building, various cyberpunk equipment, different types of enemies to defeat using strategic thinking, and more new chapters and levels to come.
Love the cyberpunk style and the storyline
It best sci-fi story game.please make a game like this but 3D with animated graphics
Onkar the kid
Mohan Raj
This game is the best better than among us and even pes it is also intresting
Anne Maingi
Best game I have ever played But but but GTA Sanandreas is best
Ayaan Gaming
Best game
Opel Ashraf