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About Maeldor: 2D Action Platformer

Are you ready to fight against the Darkness growing in the heart of the Maeldor? Do you think you have the skills and courage to battle and save the Maeldor from this doom? A land full of dangers, monsters, traps, treasures and much more!

Free folks of Maeldor needs your help adventurer! The old enemy, the god of darkness, Atronien is gathering his minions to wage war against the followers of the Divine Seven. An important cargo was stolen by his subjects, the Atras, and you’ve been chosen by the “Council of the Divine Seven” to retrieve the stolen cargo from the enemy. But be careful! This adventure is not going to be easy, you must travel all around the Maeldor to hunt them down!

Jump into this epic story, control the legendary hero Turmaeg with fluent and precise touch controls or connect your gamepad and play with it! A huge world created by 2 indie game developers, with lots of background stories which can also be found on our website! This game is suitable for either if you love some challenge or you want to explore a new world and a thrilling story!

Everything you see in this game is handcrafted! Unique levels to travel and explore! From dense green and golden forests to the barren and dead frozen lands, this beautiful magical fantasy world is waiting for you!

Orcs, vampires, pirates, necromancers, dragons and much more! Fight against the servants of the darkness to conquer them with the lights of the moon!

Build up your skills to become stronger and reveal the true power of legendary hero Turmaeg! He was gifted with the Armor and Sword of the Moon, by the Goddess Kuuli herself! Upgrade your character to unveil his great power and become unstoppable!

Carefully created levels with unique features and environments, icy grounds, deadly traps, dangerous mountains, magical platforms and much more! Stay engaged by changing mechanics and environments as you move on!

If it is a platformer, there must be some bosses, right? 8 legendary end level boss with unique fighting styles! Defeat them if you want to continue your journey!

Explore huge levels, choose different paths, and find hidden treasures! Uncover the secrets in this magical realm!

A great adventure is ahead of you and with the guidance of wizard Aglaroth, you will hunt monsters, fight against the orc king, sail on a pirate ship, become a hunter, discover hidden treasures, and challenge yourself in this quest to save the Maeldor!

Maeldor: 2D Action Platformer FEATURES;
-27 Unique handcrafted levels
-30+ Different Enemies like Bandits, Goblins, Drakes, Wolves, Bats, Demons and more.
-8 Strong End Level Boss with Unique Fighting Styles
-Character Upgrades and Combos
-A Uniquely Created World Map
-Background Stories of the Characters
-9 Different Soundtrack for each Chapter

If you'd like to know more about the world we're creating, you can always check our website for it, link can be found on the developer info below. What are you waiting for? Jump into this 2d action adventure platformer today!

Maeldor Games is a 2 person indie game development studio and Maeldor: 2D Action Platformer is a game that grows/evolves everyday, that is why your FEEDBACK is more important than anything else for us, so if you'd like, please do not hesitate to give us a feedback about the game, so we can make it better.

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I love this game, reminds me of the iconic game mario
Khushboo Archana
I Love this game. I really like how simple but challenging the gameplay is. It's hard to master the game and you always have to keep an eye open for these hidden chests. I would highly recommend playing it.
Lukas Frenzke
Really liked this game! Would recommend.
Thukk Acc
Amazing game! Love the story and the fighting mechanics of it. Perfect to play when bored at home. Definitely a time killer. I would recommend this to everyone!
Maeldor is an easy entertaining game to play as you try to beat your attackers at every level.
Ashley Northover