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About Kaizen Languages: Japanese

Learn to speak Japanese for free with Kaizen Languages, a language learning app that provides you with your own AI tutors, powered by Artificial Intelligence. Learn to speak Japanese naturally, anytime, anywhere. Learning a language goes beyond flashcards, books or audiotapes, and requires actual speaking practice. Unlike the majority of language learning apps, you jump straight into practical conversations, providing you with the best language learning experience and so that you can really improve your language skills. Whether your level of Japanese is beginner, intermediate or advanced, the Kaizen Languages app, fully supports you in learning Japanese efficiently.

Meet our virtual tutors Mizuki, Satoshi, Miho, Maiko, Takumi and Shun start speaking Japanese with them to practice your conversation skills. The AI tutors give you instant feedback on pronunciation, grammar and spelling, so you can learn conversational Japanese at your own pace. When learning a language, practice makes perfect and is the key to increase your fluency, so don’t be afraid to repeat conversations and experiment as you go.

We provide you with all you need to learn hiragana, katakana and kanji. We help you learn over 2,000 kanji, covering N5 to N1, so you can reach your learning goals.

Every learner can complete 3 free lessons per day, or go premium to accelerate your learning through unlimited access to all our content.

Thanks to our AI tutors, get the same results as if you were speaking Japanese with someone in Japan and experience full language immersion. This unique conversation-led learning is real-world based, practical and more fun.

• Learn Japanese (and more languages to come!).
• AI-powered, but made by humans – expert linguists have developed carefully curated conversations.
• Get instant and personalised feedback on your language ability from your AI tutors.
• Learn to write hiragana and katakana
• Learn to write and read kanji, covering over 2,000 from N5 to N1 levels.
• Learn daily with progress and points to track your language learning.
• Reinforce everything you learn with our flashcards which are optimised to help with long term retention.
• Learn through practical conversations that apply to the real world.
• Explore the culture and learn more about Japan through our tutors.
• Powerful learning tools for every language level: hide translations and kanji, and listen to audio hints if you get stuck.

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You will need a subscription in order to get premium, unlimited access to the full learning materials for Kaizen Languages.

Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period.
Your Google account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your Google Account Settings.

When a subscription is cancelled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period.

You'll get access to all courses for the following durations:

1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months

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