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About Satori Reader

Ready to take your Japanese reading and listening comprehension to the next level? Welcome to Satori Reader.

Read from a growing library of articles written by native speakers for intermediate students, organized into interesting series such as news, stories, dialogs, and more.

Tap any sentence to hear it read aloud by native voice actors (no robots!).

Crack the chicken-and-egg problem of reading kanji with our unique presentation engine, which adjusts the Japanese text to accommodate your actual knowledge. This allows you to challenge yourself for the kanji you should know without being overwhelmed by what you don't.

Tap any word for a definition. This is more than just an automated lookup. Satori Reader shows the actual sense of each word as it's being used in the sentence. For example, the particle の has many uses: it can indicate possession; it can turn the preceding verb or phrase into a noun; it can stand in for another word; and more. We show you exactly what is happening in every instance of every word.

Gray underlines indicate longer annotations that break down tricky expressions, provide cultural background, or help you to read between the lines. Our editors work hard to anticipate what might be confusing and proactively help you to make sense of things. Good-bye, confusion. Hello, clarity!

Create review cards instantly as you read. Later, review them using the built-in spaced repetition system. Each card you create takes along a snapshot of the sentence in which you encountered the word. You can even listen to the audio for those sentences during reviews to further cement the word into memory.

Still confused about something? Just ask in the comment section below each article. Knowledgeable staff are ready to help.

Satori Reader is built by a team that cares. Our goal is to bring satori (enlightenment) into your Japanese reading life. Set up a free account today, and let's get started.

I don't ever really go back to leave reviews but I made the time for this one! The stories are amazing and in depth. The transition from English to Japanese is by far the most fluent I've come across. The le...
Angel Magallanes
Stop reading endless news articles; read Satori Reader! The best reading app I have used aside from the easy Japanese app, which is only news articles anyway. My only gripe is that they do not have ways of b...
Finn Cleghorn-Brown
It's an amazing and underappreciated app. It's so good for reading practice since you don't have to look up words and can alter so many setting to make it just to your liking. It can be used by all people fr...