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About Twilight Host Club: Otome Game


When a new vampire-themed host club opens up nearby, your college roommate immediately wants to go. Though you're hesitant at first, you soon find you quite enjoy being waited on by the ‘unliving’ staff. But things take a dark turn when you cut your finger and the hosts’ reactions get a bit too real…

Shortly after leaving the club, you're attacked by a mysterious figure, but the hosts from earlier come to your aid. They tell you that you possess something called ‘Divine Blood’ and that they're part of a vampiric coven with a solemn oath to protect you.

Being the bearer of Divine Blood will surely put a target on your back. Luckily you have these handsome hosts to keep you safe… but will they be able to control their own cravings for you?

Surrender to your darkest cravings in Twilight Host Club!


Ash — The Prince of Hosts
The top host at Blood Rose and coven leader, Ash charms you immediately with his confidence and wickedly good looks… Until he drops his mask. Turns out when he’s not working, he’s bossy and rude. Still, he dedicates himself to protecting you, and you can't help but wonder why he pushes people away. Can you break down his walls and find the tender vampire underneath… or will he give in to temptation first?

Finn — The Composed Guardian
As smart as he is good-looking, Finn’s the brains behind the host club. He’s a vampire of few words, but he would put his life on the line if it meant keeping you safe… That is, as long as he can resist taking a bite out of you himself. His unwavering dedication has you wondering what exactly it is that drives him. Can you uncover the mysteries behind this stoic man?

Brett — The Playful Younger Brother
This lighthearted vampire also happens to be your childhood friend. Though old enough to work at the club, Brett uses his baby face to charm all the clients, especially you. He’s been there for you for as long as you can remember, but there are a few skeletons in his closet that he’s never let out. Can you get him to open up about the secrets of your childhood or will the truth be too much to bear?

Nils — The Mysterious Bad Boy
The second-most-popular host at the club, Nils has a vendetta against humans. Alluring as he is twisted, there are obvious signs that he’s after your blood for himself. Are you willing to do what it takes to save humanity or will you give into his seductions and betray the club?

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the story of Twilight Host Club?

The story revolves around a college student who discovers a vampire-themed host club and becomes involved in a vampiric coven that aims to protect her due to her possession of 'Divine Blood'.

Who are the main characters in Twilight Host Club?

The main characters are Ash, the Prince of Hosts and coven leader; Finn, the Composed Guardian; Brett, the Playful Younger Brother; and Nils, the Mysterious Bad Boy.

What is Ash's personality like?

Ash is confident and handsome, but also bossy and rude. However, he is dedicated to protecting the protagonist and there may be a tender side to him.

What is Finn like?

Finn is smart, good-looking, and the brains behind the host club. He is a man of few words but is dedicated to keeping the protagonist safe. The mysteries behind his stoic personality are yet to be uncovered.

Describe Brett's character.

Brett is a lighthearted vampire and childhood friend of the protagonist. He uses his charm and baby face to win the clients over. However, he has hidden secrets from their childhood that he has yet to reveal.

What is Nils' personality like?

Nils is the second-most-popular host at the club and he holds a vendetta against humans. He is alluring yet twisted, with an apparent desire to obtain the protagonist's blood. The choice between saving humanity or succumbing to his seductions and betraying the club arises.
no lo he jugado aun peroooo el vısual esta ıncreıble esperooo este buena la hıstorıa:D Bendıcıones Darlıngs^-^
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THE CHARACTERS ARE LOOKING DAMN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am already downloading it! Love your twilight's game!^^♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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