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About Mall of the Dead:Romance you choose

Who will you choose to survive with during the zombie apocalypse?


With a new promotion under your belt, life wasn't looking all too bad. But one day, a strange incident occurs at the mall that you work at involving a man trying to bite a customer! Chaos spreads quickly as it turns out you’ve just witnessed the beginnings of a zombie outbreak! You manage to escape along with your coworker and the manager of a rival store, but the situation only gets worse as you find yourself trapped along with the other survivors in the shopping mall.

Will you be able to escape this nightmare? Can romance exist in a zombie apocalypse? Find out in this exciting new thriller!


The Brave Coworker - Sam
Sam’s your coworker and can be a little bossy, but he’s a responsible man that cares for others. Despite the craziness of the situation, he does his best to try to keep you and the other survivors safe. Will you be there to support him?

The Ice-cold Manager - Glen
Glen is the manager of a rival store and is known for his almost computer-like efficiency when it comes to his work. Being ex-special forces, it takes a lot to faze this guy, but is there more behind that icy exterior of his?

The Mysterious Survivor - Weber
Kind-hearted, but a little timid, Weber is a fellow survivor that you helped. At first, he seems hesitant about fighting his way out of this nightmare, but when in danger, you witness an entirely different side to this mysterious individual...

I really love this
Khiara lei Jara
this game is so cool i loved it i just wish there was a part 2 plz make one. Edit: it's 3/12/2020 and attack of the dead is out yasssssss!
Star Dust
This game is really good. The story is perfect & voices too.I really love this game 💞I am a big fan of genius💖Keep it up. You guys doing a great job 💗Can't wait for more episodes🌸
Su 딸기맛