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About Sinful Roses : Romance Otome Game

Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!

Even as a young girl, you’ve been able to see the demons that ordinary people can’t. Your parents abandoned you. You were taken in by an orphanage run by the church, where you met a kind man. He became your foster father and you began to live with him in the countryside.

Seventeen years later, you find a mysterious book in the basement. It’s filled with strange letters and the last page is gone. You decide to leave it alone.

That night, demons appear and attack you and your father. Your father fights back, but he’s no match for the evil creatures. In that moment, three men in black uniforms show up and save you. The demons kidnap your father and disappear.

The three men introduce themselves as exorcists, all members of the Crusaders of the Rose. They take you to the church, where the bishop suggests that you become an exorcist and utilize your ability to see demons. The bishop says, “If you help us, we’ll help you find your father.”
In order to find your father, you decide to become an exorcist and team up with three mysterious guys.

Will you find your father?
What’s the secret behind that mysterious book?
Who are these guys, and why did they become exorcists?

Thus begins a dangerous romance with attractive exorcists!

◆The cool exorcist—Gilbert
A cool and composed exorcist. He rarely shows his emotions and maintains a professional outlook toward his job, but sometimes he reveals a shy smile.

◆The brave exorcist-Brand
A rough and manly young man with a lot of emotional baggage. He can be brusque, but passionate when you get to know him.

◆The mysterious exorcist-Ariel
An enigmatic member of the order who was sent from the upper echelons. His seemingly-innocent actions often leave you confused and embarrassed. Always has a smile on his face.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Sinful Roses?

Sinful Roses is a Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc.

What is the synopsis of Sinful Roses?

The protagonist, who can see demons, embarks on a journey to find her father with the help of three exorcists after they are attacked by demons.

Who are the main characters in Sinful Roses?

The main characters are Gilbert, Brand, and Ariel, who are exorcists with different personalities.

What is Gilbert's personality like?

Gilbert is a cool and composed exorcist who rarely shows his emotions but sometimes reveals a shy smile.

How would you describe Brand?

Brand is a rough and manly young man with emotional baggage, who can be brusque but passionate once you get to know him.

What is Ariel's role in the game?

Ariel is a mysterious exorcist who was sent from the upper echelons. His seemingly-innocent actions often leave the protagonist confused and embarrassed.

What is the goal of the protagonist in the game?

The protagonist's goal is to find her father and unravel the secret behind the mysterious book.

What is the setting of Sinful Roses?

The setting is a countryside orphanage run by the church, where the protagonist lives with her foster father before embarking on her journey as an exorcist.

How can the protagonist see demons?

The protagonist has the ability to see demons, which is utilized by the exorcists to combat evil creatures.

Is there a romantic aspect to Sinful Roses?

Yes, Sinful Roses includes a dangerous romance with the attractive exorcists as the protagonist teams up with them to find her father.
I enjoy it very much 🛐🛐🛐
This is my favourite so far I hope this one we have passed you on something that looks like it
Faith Pollyn
meh i have not played it yet its still downloading -edit A year later and oh my god I've replayed this so many times I recommend it to everyone it's so good
Xx_Your Narrator _xX
It's something else
Mercy Clottey
This this game or app is so cool in the first time first i saw them i know that this story is going to be cool and i didn't mistaken im right its really cool and i can't i can't explain right is now that i a...
Analou Gaite
This is everything in one you are looking for! Don't delay download this game ASAP!!! Maybe it's just me but after playing this I legit think I want to be an exorcist because it's so fascinating and cool . I...
Chelsea Harridass