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About Yaoi Beast Boys : Anime Romance Game

Jackson was just your everyday businessman.. until a strange sickness spreads in his town that turns people part animal and gives them an uncontrollable sexual desire!

One day, a man named Alex passes out in front of Jackson and he springs into action, saving him by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. An ambulance arrives on the scene and the man is saved, but Jackson can’t help but shake the strange feeling in his body…

That night, with a full moon in the sky, Jackson turns into a werewolf… and he can’t control his desire! Before he realizes it, he kisses his best friend Ian. When he comes back to his senses, Alex appears before him and tells him there’s a way to suppress his desires… But Alex tells him that to get the medicine, he must kiss him every night of the full moon!


◆The Protagonist - Jackson
He’s a businessman that knows how to take charge of situations and is trusted by his staff. Life was going great for him until he ended up getting caught up in all this and turning into a werewolf.

◆The Energetic Doctor - Alex
He’s got a bit of a sadistic streak and he’s all about alpha males... Jackson is really his type. He’s part rabbit and has long ears when he goes into his beast mode. He passed out from the side-effects of the medicine that helps stop the transformation but accidentally gave Jackson the virus after mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

◆The Mature Businessman - Ian
He’s Jackson’s best friend and becomes part animal after Jackson kisses him. He gets into a relationship with Jackson to help with the treatment process. He grows a pair of cat ears and a tail when he turns into his beast mode.

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this is such a good story to read almost reading this like everyday.even i have to wait for 2 more hours for diamonds,but its worth it tho :>
Gacha_ Peep
Love this game, i just hate i had to pay alot of rubies for premium choices but i love unlike other manga games i can earn free points to buy the rubies by playing the bingo mini game, didnt think id get hoo...
Its enjoyable and i really like it😚😚
Lalruatfeli Fanai