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About Chimera: Complex Hearts

■ Synopsis ■

It’s the end of the 21st century, and a mysterious new contagion is ravaging the world. Known as ‘Chimera Complex’, it causes painful and irreversible mutations that mimic aspects of animal biology in those who contract the condition. One way or another, no patient survives for long.

Having just completed your masters at a leading national university, your list of job offers is as long as it is prestigious. When a mysterious winged figure gatecrashes your cafe meeting with an old friend, however, it sends your life on an altogether different and unexpected course.

With three very different men all relying on you, will you be able to unravel a global conspiracy and mend their complex hearts?

■ Characters ■

Reo – Your Hotheaded Patient

You may be his designated custodian during, but Reo makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want your care. With a tongue as sharp as his feline claws, and a temper as fiery as his mane of hair, bringing this beast to heel will be no easy task. Will you be able to get through his defenses and heal the wounds of his tragic past?

Shizuki – Your Calculating Boss

As head of the institute where you end up working, Shizuki holds your career in the palm of his cold and unflinching hand. Aloof one minute and amiable the next, his true nature remains hard to pin down, meaning that you always have to be on your toes. Will you be able to see beneath his mask and figure out his true motivation?

Nagi – The Winged Stranger

Until Nagi almost fell into your lap, Chimera Complex was something you only saw in textbooks and were taught to fear. A single glimpse of his angelic form is all it takes to make you question everything you’ve been led to believe and resolve to make the world a better place. Will you be able to track him down in time to set him free?

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Chimera Complex?

The Chimera Complex is a mysterious contagion that causes painful and irreversible mutations mimicking aspects of animal biology.

What happens to those who contract the Chimera Complex?

Unfortunately, no patient survives for long after contracting the Chimera Complex.

Who is Reo?

Reo is a hotheaded patient who becomes your designated custodian.

What is Reo's personality like?

Reo has a sharp tongue and a fiery temper, making it difficult to bring him under control.

What is Shizuki's role?

Shizuki is your calculating boss and the head of the institute where you work.

What is Shizuki's personality like?

Shizuki is aloof and amiable at different times, making it hard to understand his true nature.

Who is Nagi?

Nagi is a winged stranger who becomes a catalyst for questioning everything about the Chimera Complex.

What is the protagonist's goal with Nagi?

The protagonist aims to track down Nagi in order to set him free and make the world a better place.
OMG!🥺 I really love this game so much it's so interesting ❤️ to read and I kinda have a little problem and that is I need more diamond Even tho I have play mini games to earn points, takes a lot o...
Trune Kroshoh
I finished and I will wait the season 2 in Agust 2022♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱♡(> ਊ <)♡
Raul Niepes
This story is really very well written (like all your other stories). I am a big fan of the graphics. Of course, I'm looking forward to a second season. Until then!
So far so good. Love the story so much and can't wait for the second season in august.
Ayano Aishi
Soooooo gooood I love it just perfect as usual ❤❤
I really love this game but this season was quite small because I finished it in just 1 day...very eagerly waiting for season 2.
•Apple Cat•