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■Train while being inactive
Built-in idle system where rewards become more luxurious depending on the progress of the game.
Train your character without even launching the game!

■Stall system
Implementing a stall system where weapons, armor, and items can be bought and sold between users.
You can buy and sell rare drop items, equipment, avatars, etc. and enjoy the game even being a free-to-play player!

You can change to any class using just 1 character!
Enjoy your favorite class without having to retrain them, such as choosing a close combat physical class or a long distance magic class.

■Action battles with a high degree of strategy
You can enjoy massive co-op battles, guild and team battles, 1-on-1, exciting strategies, and action packed battles!

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Great I love the stall
Jinnee Syhavong
This game is really cute!
Aiman Syafiq