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About Read Your Body

The non-profit menstrual cycle and fertility awareness charting app. Made by users, for users. Highly customisable with total data privacy.

Read your body, track your cycles, understand your unique patterns, avoid or achieve pregnancy, confirm ovulation, anticipate your periods, take charge of your health!


Record, visualise and interpret bodily signs associated with the menstrual cycle: cervical fluid, vaginal sensation, basal body temperature (BBT), cervix, hormone tests (LH / progesterone).

Read Your Body is compatible with a wide range of fertility awareness-based methods including the double-check sympto-thermal method.

*Avoid pregnancy effectively
*Gain health insights
*Plan a pregnancy


Incredibly customisable, just like having a paper chart on your phone.

- You mark your own interpretations: peak day, temperature rise, coverline, point of change, first fertile day by calculation, LH count
- Create your own cervical fluid categories
- Add notes directly to your chart
- Use coloured stamps and alphanumeric codes
- Unlimited and versatile custom info lines including different emojis each day - ideal for exercise, moods, temperature disturbances, etc - track whatever is meaningful to you
- Connect with the Tempdrop app if you have this wearable thermometer
- Chart two temps e.g. oral and Tempdrop
- Temps are rounded for you in chart
- Add photos of cervical fluid, test strips or cycle-related artwork
- Choose intimacy options that respect your beliefs and practices (secular / NFP)
- Find your first fertile day by calculation (Doering day) with our handy flowchart
- Optional fertile window shading based on your interpretations
- Charting info screens to orientate beginners
- Export your chart for sharing in a variety of formats
- Send messages to your partner from the app
- Extensive cycle stats overview including ranges and averages
- Adjustable chart size

Coming soon in many other languages!


*Data is stored only on your phone for maximum privacy
*Optional iCloud / Google backup is also available for peace of mind

We can’t see, share or sell your data!


*A truly grassroots femtech initiative
*100% funded by, designed by and accountable to its users

Facilitated by a small, passionate, approachable team of cycle charters just like you!


30 day free trial with no obligation to continue - chart with Read Your Body for a cycle to check that you love it.

Modest monthly / annual payment for all features - your regular support allows us to maintain and grow the app while upholding the highest standards of data privacy.

Pricing is designed to be accessible to folks on low incomes - there's no free / premium split in our community.


“The app development team rocks, I feel so heard!” ~ Katie, beta tester
“Finally a charting app that serves its users, and not the other way around” ~ Vanessa, fertility awareness educator

*New features added each month in response to your feedback
*Regular votes to collectively prioritise further developments

This is your app and you have a voice in how it grows!


Please note that the app is not a contraceptive device - it is a data recording tool that you can use to meet a variety of charting goals. Basic charting info is provided within the app but learning support from a qualified educator is also recommended.

Read Your Body is provided by The Body Literacy Collective, a UK non-profit here to equip you with the info & tools you need to understand your body & menstrual cycles.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I track with the Read Your Body app?

You can track bodily signs associated with the menstrual cycle such as cervical fluid, vaginal sensation, basal body temperature (BBT), cervix, and hormone tests (LH / progesterone).

What are the features of the Read Your Body app?

The app is highly customizable, allowing you to mark your own interpretations, create custom cervical fluid categories, add notes and photos to your chart, use colored stamps and codes, and track various information such as exercise, moods, and temperature disturbances. It also has integration with wearable thermometers and provides extensive cycle statistics.

Is my data private when using the Read Your Body app?

Yes, your data is stored only on your phone for maximum privacy. There is also an optional iCloud / Google backup available for additional peace of mind. The app does not see, share, or sell your data.

Who developed the Read Your Body app?

The app is developed by The Body Literacy Collective, a UK non-profit organization. It is designed, funded, and accountable to its users. The development team consists of a small, approachable team of cycle charters.

What is the pricing for the Read Your Body app?

The app offers a 30-day free trial without any obligations. After the trial, there is a modest monthly or annual payment for all features. The pricing is designed to be accessible to individuals on low incomes, and there is no free/premium split in the community.

How does the app grow and add new features?

The app development team regularly adds new features each month based on user feedback. Users have a voice in how the app grows through regular voting to collectively prioritize further developments.

Is the Read Your Body app a contraceptive device?

No, the app is not a contraceptive device. It is a data recording tool that can be used to meet various charting goals. Basic charting information is provided within the app, but it is recommended to seek learning support from a qualified educator.

Can I use the Read Your Body app to plan a pregnancy?

Yes, the app can be used to help track your cycles and understand your unique patterns to plan a pregnancy. It can also help confirm ovulation and identify fertile windows.
Best I have used, before my last pregnancy I used an expensive one. This time I tried a few, this one exceeds all of them. Lots of functionality without being overwhelming. Really easy to edit and read your ...
Caroline Murray
Best charting app ever created!
אלה שפי שמחון
This app makes charting so much easier. I love that I can add my Tempdrop temp and the temp from my oral thermometer. I can switch views to see just one temp or both. Works great when you're still calibratin...
Kimberly Swenson
I'm completely satisfied with my RYB app and it perfectly meets my needs on charting my cycle following the Sensiplan method!
Renata Machado
Love it! So easy to use and I love how much information I can record. Also love that there's no predictions!
I didn't think anything could get me to switch away from OvuView after years of using it, but Read Your Body has done it. I already had a TempDrop, and the data import was ridiculously simple - I thought for...
Danielle J