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About Stretch: Stretching & Wellness

Transform your life through stretching and yoga at home or on the go with classes, stretch routines, challenges, and more with instructor Sam Gach.

Build the optimal stretching habit to reach your goals, from increasing flexibility or relieving stress to reducing pain or improving posture. Take full length stretching and yoga classes, target specific muscle groups, or get a full body stretch wherever you are.

Tools such as the streak counter and stretch reminders will help you build the stretching habit you need to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and feel better - both mentally and physically.

Accessible for all levels, whether you are stiff as a board or already bending like a rubber band.

Classes, routines, stretches, and challenges are added regularly to make sure you have what you need to reach your goals and enjoy the process. Stretch routines include full body, different levels including beginners, routines targeting individual muscle groups, relaxation sessions, splits routines, reducing pain, improving posture, desk stretches, and so much more.

Features include:
-Full length stretching and yoga classes for all levels
-Stretch routines for all muscle groups
-Stretches and routines for whatever your needs may be
-Challenges to kickstart your practice
-User profile to track your journey
-Streaks and reminders to build a consistent habit
-More stretches, routines, classes, and challenges added regularly

Welcome to Stretch - we are so glad you’re here!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Stretch?

Stretch is a platform that offers stretching and yoga classes, routines, challenges, and more to help you improve flexibility, relieve stress, reduce pain, and enhance your overall wellness. It can be accessed from home or on the go with instructor Sam Gach.

Who can benefit from Stretch?

Stretch is accessible for all levels, whether you are new to stretching and yoga or already experienced. It caters to people who want to increase flexibility, relieve stress, reduce pain, improve posture, or simply enjoy the benefits of stretching and yoga.

What features are included in Stretch?

Stretch offers full-length stretching and yoga classes for all levels, stretch routines that target specific muscle groups, various stretches and routines for different needs, challenges to kickstart your practice, a user profile to track your journey, streaks and reminders to develop a consistent habit, and regular additions of new stretches, routines, classes, and challenges.

How can Stretch help me reach my goals?

Stretch provides a variety of classes, routines, and challenges to cater to different goals and needs. Whether you want to increase flexibility, reduce stress, alleviate pain, improve posture, or target specific muscle groups, Stretch has the resources to support you on your wellness journey.

Can I use Stretch even if I'm a beginner?

Yes, Stretch is designed for individuals of all levels, including beginners. Whether you are as stiff as a board or already flexible, Stretch offers classes and routines that can be easily adapted to your current abilities and progressively help you improve.

How does Stretch help in building a stretching habit?

Stretch provides tools such as the streak counter and stretch reminders to help you develop a consistent stretching habit. These features will support you in building the routine you need to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and feel better both mentally and physically.

Are there any additional resources provided by Stretch?

In addition to classes, routines, and challenges, Stretch also offers relaxation sessions, desk stretches, splits routines, and more. The platform regularly adds new stretches, routines, classes, and challenges to ensure you have a wide range of resources to help you reach your goals.

Where can I find the Terms and Privacy Policy of Stretch?

You can find the Terms of Stretch at and the Privacy Policy at
Stretch is a pretty awesome tool to get people moving, featuring a comprehensive menu of stretch sequences with expert guidance by the terrific Sam Gach. The design is simple and user-friendly, and the seque...
Cristopher Bragg
The app format is great! I only wish it would alarm or chime when time to change positions. Looking forward to continue to use!
Chad Burton
Super easy to follow yoga poses with great direction. I love the vinyasa sequence, would love to see more of those long 45 minute flow classes on here
Ethan De Graaff
Aparência ótima, exercícios que ajudam mesmo no dia-a-dia
Eduardo Henrico Oliveira
Stretch allows you to gain flexibility on your own schedule with all sorts of levels of starting. It's really great.
Jake Basford
Easy to use and great for beginners! As a new mom, I really like that I can choose a quick stretch or something a bit longer when I have the time.
Dayna Marra