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About Sound Machine - White Nois‪e

Sounds, music, stories and meditations designed to help you achieve better sleep, focus, relaxation, breathing, energy levels, and more.

Sound Machine is music with a purpose. Music beyond entertainment.

More and more people are using music in very specific ways: to help pump themselves up at the gym, to focus at work, and even get better sleep.

This new genre of audio— “Functional Music” — is quietly soaring in digital popularity. You can find it dispersed across Spotify playlists, Youtube videos, popular meditation apps — but now it has a true home in Sound Machine.

We've composed a huge library of functional audio content using clinically validated techniques. Mix and match your favorite sounds, stories, music and meditations to create your perfect audio experience.


*World Class Sounds, Music, Stories, and Meditations*

A huge library of content built from the ground up by our own expert research and audio teams.

*Customize Everything*

Easily choose your perfect combination of sounds, stories, volumes, and narrators.


Don't want to choose? Our robust "Random" feature with granular sub-categories solves the paradox of choice.

*Siri Shortcuts*

Deep Siri Shortcuts integration. Launch a mix, playlist, or random favorite from Siri Shortcuts.


Share the mixes you create with friends and family.

*Audio Fusion*

Allow Sound Machine to play simultaneously with other apps. A perfect accompaniment for all sorts of Spotify songs or Youtube videos.


Track your "in bed" time or "mindful minutes" from listening to your favorite mixes.


Set custom reminders to build your self care habits.

*Privacy Focused*

No ads, no marketing emails, no logins or passwords, no accounts, no crazy permissions. In the age of information intrusion, Sound Machine is specifically designed to leave you alone.

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