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About Smartoid WatchFace

Smartoid Watch Face is designed for WearOS smartwatches

NEW! Smartoid watch face for WearOS, an easy to use, top modern and mix of elegant and digital interactive functions.
Watch face contains a huge number and user friendly settings on the watch and the phone companion app.
The watch face contains 2 tap targets on the screen and you can customize them to be more informative which includes various number of data such as battery level status, FIT data, weather information, etc..

The watch face comes in two version:
- Free
- Premium

★ Free version has free options:
- Watch battery
- Phone battery
- Weather
- Change color
- Coffee counter
- Alarm shortcut

★  Premium version unlocks all features in the smartwatch

★  External complications
Wear OS by Google comes with external complications which gives to the user more options to show on the watch face (f.e. shortcuts for all installed apps on the watch, system data like as day\nights sunlights, time zones, weather, and much more).

★ Compatible with ONLY for Wear OS smartwatches

• External complications
• Change color
• 24 hour format
• Leading zero
• Screen time
• Forecast
• Full ambient mode option
• Change a color preset on tap
• Tap indicator
• Google FIT integration
• Weather settings (location, providers, frequency update, units)

★ NEW ★
• Vibrate on every hour

Built-in complications:
• Weather
• Steps
• Distance
• Walking
• Running
• Biking
• Calories
• Fit statistics
• HeartRate detector
• Coffee counter
• Water counter
• Steps counter from wear device (built-in steps)

★ WEAR OS integration
• Fully standalone! (iPhone and Android compatible)
• External complication data for the indicators

★  How to select shortcuts in the position (complication)

- Long tap on the watch face
- System shows icon "gear" for the watch face settings. Tap on it
- Select "Customize" option
- Select "Complications" option
- Select desired position
- Select "External Complication"
- Find "General" from list and select it
- Select "App shortcut" and choose desired app
You are ready to go.


How do I install the watch face on Wear OS ?
1. Install it from Google Play Wear Store on your watch.
2. Install the companion app for fully customization (Android phone devices).

Why I can not see steps or activity data in a built-in complication?
To see steps and other fit data, you need to connect the app with Google Fit.
There are an option:
2. Connect to Google Fit via settings located on the phone companion app (only for Android phone devices)

The watch face CANNOT be installed on smartwatches with TizenOS (Samsung Gear 2, 3, ..) or any other OS except WearOS

In case of any problems, don’t rate it 1-star, instead please contact us on: [email protected]. You can help make us better.


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Excellent artistically allowed to make the perfect smart watch
Jason C Evans
Apologies I was not aware of the settings on the watch face,I set it in the app.thanks.
Nick Elsmore
really cool
eric biscayne
Great watch face! Thank you for fixing the heart rate detector. I have most of your watch faces. Richface is the best. ☺ 👍👌🤘
Jonathan C.