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About Guard Watch Face

★★★ Interactive Watch Face for Android Wear watches ★★★

★★★ Google FIT data: ★★★
✔ Daily steps with graph (click in a center to switch between graphs)
✔ Total data (Today, Week, Month)
✔ Active running time
✔ Active walking time
✔ Active biking time
✔ Burned calories

★★★ Other data: ★★★
✔ Weather forecast with graph (3 weather providers)
✔ Stopwatch
✔ Watch and phone battery
✔ Date with date format settings
✔ 24 hour format
✔ Screen time
✔ Interactive menu with app shortcuts
✔ Automatic or manual weather location
✔ Current location
✔ Shortcuts for Hangouts, Google Keep, Google Maps, Alarm clock, Stopwatch, Music, Translate, Flashlight, Timer, Google Fit, Agenda, Find my phone, Google Messages, Shazam
✔ Full ambient mode
✔ Smooth seconds
✔ Small peek card option
✔ Translucent peek card
✔ Time zone

★★★ Configuration in companion app ★★★
✔ Google FIT sync time
✔ Automatic or custom added weather location
✔ Smooth seconds or tick seconds
✔ Screen time settings
✔ Weather update time
✔ Simple and full ambient mode
✔ Peek card configuration (transparent, small or big)
✔ Notifications

To install:
1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App.
2. Long press your android wear watch and choose Guard Watch Face as your watch face

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I switch between different graphs on the watch face?

You can switch between different graphs on the watch face by clicking in the center.

What kind of data does the watch face display from Google FIT?

The watch face displays daily steps with a graph, total data for today, week, and month, active running time, active walking time, active biking time, and burned calories.

What other data does the watch face display?

The watch face also displays weather forecast with a graph from three weather providers, stopwatch, watch and phone battery levels, date with date format settings, 24-hour format, screen time, interactive menu with app shortcuts, automatic or manual weather location, current location, shortcuts for various apps like Hangouts, Google Keep, Google Maps, Alarm clock, Stopwatch, Music, Translate, Flashlight, Timer, Google Fit, Agenda, Find my phone, Google Messages, and Shazam, full ambient mode, smooth seconds, small peek card option, translucent peek card, and time zone.

What can be configured in the companion app?

In the companion app, you can configure the Google FIT sync time, automatic or custom added weather location, smooth seconds or tick seconds, screen time settings, weather update time, simple and full ambient mode, peek card configuration (transparent, small or big), and notifications.

How do I install the Guard Watch Face?

To install the Guard Watch Face, you need to first install the app on your Android device. Then, run 'Resync app' on the Android Wear App. Finally, long press your Android Wear watch and choose Guard Watch Face as your watch face.
Security,and elegant
Billy Catubay
Fahin Ahmed
It's nice but Google fit doesn't work. It can't recorder steps,run
Michael Vera
Works great on moto360. Had an issue with the weather. Was related to another app hijacking weather queries. Fixed now. I have multiple faces by this company and all of them are in my rotation.
Doug Lail
samaila sabo abubakar
I cannot find a downside to this watch face and configuration on my Fossil Gen 3 Explorist smart watch. It is well worth paying the $1.49 for the time and effort put into these watch faces. I can only desi...
Tony Jones