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About Parent Sense Baby Routine Tracker Schedule Planner

Are you a new parent looking for baby schedule tracker, baby weight chart tracker & planner?
Or you are maybe you need baby sleep tracker to improve baby sleep & track feeds?
Welcome to Parent Sense – the all in one baby routine tracker & baby schedule planner app based on Meg Faure’s best-selling Baby Sense book series! In short, the baby tracker & planner app gives you everything you need to make every step of the baby's development smooth and enjoyable.
It includes all you need to know to guide your baby into a flexible feed and sleep routine. It’s like having the best baby parenting guide books & tools in your pocket.

Get a daily baby routine for your baby based on age, prematurity, feeding method, and wake up time. Use the parenting tips & craft the perfect baby routine.

Track all the essentials such as the baby sleep, baby breastfeeding & feed times, baby growth, baby height milestones, and baby health. It’s your all in one breastfeeding tracker, baby weight chart tracker, baby feed tracker & baby sleep tracker.

Help you baby to sleep through the night. Our baby sleep tracker also features baby advice from parenting expert and author Meg Faure so you can know & improve your baby sleep.

Weekly summary of the feeding, sleep, health, and milestone outcomes you can expect at every stage of your baby’s development. From birth to 12 months, you will have a snapshot of what to expect each week.
We know how tough parenting is – especially when it comes to newborn care. Your baby can’t tell you what he/she wants when and it’s hard to predict what comes next – when is the next feed or sleep due? Parent Sense takes the guesswork out of parenting, not only tracking your baby’s daily routine but generating a bespoke suggestion for your baby’s day. Leaving you to enjoy your little one and parent with confidence.

▶️ WEEKLY – Know the appropriate ‘Awake time’ between day sleeps for your baby | How much and when to feed your baby based on feed method (breast, bottle, and solids) | What health issues to be aware of, at each age | Developmental outcome for the week
▶️ DAILY – A bespoke routine for your baby for 24 hours, including sleep times, feed times, and what to feed (if on solids). Adjusted based on the time your baby wakes in the morning, whether breastfed, bottle-fed, or on solids.
▶️SLEEP – Get your baby sleeping through the night | Based on parenting advice from the Sleep Sense book – you will receive guidelines for awake times and sleep times as well as tips for improving sleep through daytime and bedtime routines | Track your little one’s sleep cycles daily get a clear view of changing sleep habits
▶️ FEEDS – With our infant feeding tracker & parenting guide, you’ll know when and what to feed your baby. Once your baby starts solids, the app guides you through weaning, based on the bestseller Weaning Sense. Details include:
- Times for milk, meals, and snacks
- What to offer for balanced nutrition – grains, fats, and protein quantities as well as vegetables and fruit.
- Quantities of milk per feed for each day through the year
Track your baby’s weight and vaccination history as well as receive notifications for upcoming vaccines | Weekly health tips on diaper rash, supplements and teething provided as needed
Know what to expect developmentally at each stage, includes motor skills, language and emotional milestones. Using our baby weight chart tracker & baby growth tracker, track when your baby achieves each milestone.
Take the guesswork out of the newborn baby care.
☑️ Try Parent Sense for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the Parent Sense app offer?

The Parent Sense app offers a baby routine tracker, baby schedule planner, baby sleep tracker, and baby weight chart tracker.

How can the Parent Sense app help me as a new parent?

The Parent Sense app provides a daily baby routine based on age, feeding method, and wake-up time. It also tracks essential factors such as baby sleep, breastfeeding, feed times, growth, height milestones, and health, helping you improve your baby's sleep and track their development.

What features are included in the baby tracker app?

The baby tracker app includes weekly summaries of feeding, sleep, health, and milestone outcomes. It provides a bespoke routine for your baby, sleep guidelines, feeding guidance, tracking of baby's weight and vaccination history, and information on baby development milestones.

Can the app help me with weaning my baby?

Yes, the app provides guidance on weaning based on the bestselling book "Weaning Sense." It includes information on meal and snack times, balanced nutrition, quantities of milk per feed, and offers advice on introducing solids.

Is there any advice from parenting experts included in the app?

Yes, the app features advice on baby sleep from parenting expert and author Meg Faure. It helps parents improve their baby's sleep and provides tips for daytime and bedtime routines.

How does the app help in tracking my baby's sleep?

The app provides guidelines for awake times and sleep times, tips for improving sleep habits, and tracks your baby's sleep cycles daily, giving you a clear view of their changing sleep patterns.

Does the app provide health-related information?

Yes, the app allows you to track your baby's weight, vaccination history, and receive notifications for upcoming vaccines. It also provides weekly health tips on diaper rash, supplements, and teething as needed.

Can I track my baby's development milestones with the app?

Yes, using the baby weight chart tracker and baby growth tracker, you can track when your baby achieves motor skills, language, and emotional milestones, providing you with information on their development.

Is the app available for free?

Yes, you can try the Parent Sense app for free.
At last a baby app that covers all bases in an easy to use format! This app delivers age relevant guidance for every aspect of baby care and includes options to track feeds and sleeps. Using numerous apps an...
michelle bosch
Great app! Assists me as a new mom to know what to expect in terms of a routine. Also loving the weekly tips!
Jeanine Malan
I have enjoyed using the new Parent Sense App. It makes the first 12 months for a new mommy an absolute breeze, especially in the early days when sleep deprivation makes it hard to keep up with a newborns sc...
The Daily Reev
This is a great app. Gives you a guideline that you can change sccording to your baby's needs and routine.
Monique Snyders
Informative and easy to use. Love it
Zamakhathide Kubheka
Very happy with the app. Helped me alot getting baby into her routine.
Symonique Sparkham