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About Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit provides a fresh, never before experience of Reddit!

Some of the distinctive features:

- Downloads hosted videos with sound

- Autohide read posts: Never see the same post twice! Enjoy fresh content every time your open the app!

- Search saved posts and comments: Say goodbye to manually scrolling and looking for your saved item!

- Offers thousands of fonts to customize the layout to your liking!

- Double tap to vote!

- Screen lock!

- Immersive fullscreen mode!

- Bottom navigation or Top navigation: your choice!

- Text to speech: It reads aloud long self posts and all comments to you

- You can Track a post and get notified for new comments

- Highlights new comments added after your last visit to a post

- Most powerful text editor, with live formatting, no need to remember markdown.

- Most powerful and customizable theme engine. Choose from 16 million colors!

- Read AMA(Ask me Anything) posts in magazine style Question Answer format!

- Granular controls: set thumbnail and other sizes as per your choice

- Reader view for web articles: clutter free reading experience!

- Media cards: View posts as full screen cards, flick to change cards.

- Color coded usernames: Highlights users who have participated earlier in the comment chain. Super useful to keep track of conversation in long comment chains.

- Swipe to read next post: No need to come back and open new post!

- Granular data usage controls!

- Supports Reddit LIVE

Other Highlights

- See all the ancestors of a comment, with a single tap. Easy to track conversations in the sea of comments.

- Level N Collapse: Collapse comments at any level of your choice

- Autoplays GIFs and videos inline

- Push notification: Get your notifications instantly

- Powerful subscription management: Pin, hide, add bookmarks.

- Long press thumbnails to preview media.

- Mesmerizing Animations

- Auto theme: Change themes automatically

Have fun :)

Dev : u/codesForLiving

Joey for Reddit is an unofficial Reddit app.

"Reddit" is registered trademark owned by Reddit Inc.

"Ask me anything" is registered trademark owned by Reddit Inc.

"AMA" is property of Reddit Inc.

The article on Aryabhata used in screenshot is from, and the article on Aryabhata is released under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license(

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One of the more smooth and customizable reddit apps. Well designed. I definitely recommend it.
Ian Raper
Amazing. Easy to use and less cluttered.
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Seems to be the best Reddit client I've found. Want to buy the Pro version but don't see where to purchase it?
Linux Guy
Good improvement
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