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Conquer the Tower :Takeover It Screenshot 0
Conquer the Tower :Takeover It Screenshot 1
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About Conquer the Tower :Takeover It

Conquer the Tower is a classic tower defense game. Leading your own soldier team to takeover other's towers and occupy them to grow up your empire! 🏰

⚔️How to play - Conquer the Tower
Swipe your finger to connect towers. What you need to do is to lead the blue soldiers to guard your own tower while occupying towers of other colors.
When all the tower are occupied by your BLUE rubber men, You will be the ultimate winner!💪

⚔️Game Features - Conquer the Tower
-Beautiful UI and give you a different visual enjoyment.
-Rich level tasks, interesting gameplay,each level has a different task.
-Test your intelligence and reflexes, and a good strategy will help you win easily.

The key of this game is to formulate the right strategic plan in order to get the final victory. 🧠
Good luck my friend! Takeover the city and be the overlord of this continent now!

great game
Tumelo Semenya
The game is just fine on my phone! I don't think there's something wrong with the game, I think Codigames did a great job at this game, it's just their phone, if this game is messing up on the phone is becau...
Christopher Jackson