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About Woozworld - Fashion & Fame MMO

This app is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Get started with Woozworld®, the fashion virtual world, and join millions of fashionistas (& fashionistos) who personalize and express styles with new weekly clothes. Build your character’s story and never get bored with thousands of stylish clothes that bring you one step closer to stardom!

Want to get a taste of fame and be a movie star or celebrity? Need to express yourself through new fashion designer clothes? Always wanted your own doll character to play dress up? Dream of being the next fashionista or top model? Have a niche for decorating and designing? Looking to own a star studded restaurant or chic new boutique? Want a place to hangout, meet and chat with friends from around the world? Woozworld is the virtual world for tween and teens to be safe.

In the virtual world you can create and design your own stylish avatar with thousands of hairstyles, dresses, skirts and shoes to choose from! Meet new friends and design your own room with furniture to show your personality. With your virtual life, you write your own character’s story and work to bring stardom and fame. You can easily trade old hairstyles for new chic trends, host your very own high school prom party, create brand new games and participate in weekly quizzes, quests, campaigns and contests!

This fashion virtual world is a pioneer in multiplayer cross-platform virtual worlds, bringing trendy avatars together from web and mobile platforms. Create your girly doll or character with swag and start writing your on-the-road to fame story.

▪ WEEKLY new clothes, weekly competitions, weekly contests, weekly quizzes and weekly quests to keep you wanting more!
▪ MEET & CHAT with millions of friends
▪ DRESS & PERSONALIZE your avatar however you like. Treat your Woozen like a doll and dress up! Choose new hairstyles, gowns, stylish outfits and the latest fashions.
▪ HAVE FUN at live events with our celebrities, your friends, and the real stars, celebrities and musicians that visit Woozworld. Artists including deadmau5, Simple Plan, Greyson Chance, Jasmine Villegas, Xzibit and others have made appearances in Woozworld.
▪ TRADE & SELL old hairstyles, dresses, shoes for new chic hairstyles, stylish dresses and designer shoes
▪ ROLE PLAY & EXPRESS YOURSELF with decorating your own rooms or wearing chic clothes
▪ CREATE your own race-to-fame games to play with your friends
▪ ORGANIZE & HOST parties with your own theme like prom or high school dances
▪ DISCOVER millions of rooms, new weekly fashion and style your avatar with thousands of unique fashion designer clothes, hairstyles and more!
▪ EXPLORE your fashion taste and write your character’s virtual story.
▪ VOTE for your friends and your favorite designed rooms to help them move up on the Woozworld Leaderboard and reach stardom
▪ SHOP for cool new fashion clothes and furniture. Clothes are added weekly to keep your character looking in style
▪ START your own business by selling hairstyles, dresses and shoes to get fame and become a star

It's completely free to sign-up, create an avatar and play in Woozworld. Follow us on:

Facebook & Twitter (@Woozworld)
Instagram (
Google+ (

If you have any questions or for technical issues, please contact us at:

We care about the safety of our users and use advanced filters, tools and third party partners to monitor the behavior of our users to keep them safe. Woozworld is a safe environment for tweens to socialize where we strictly guard the personal information of our users and do not share any user information with other parties. We offer real-time, safe chat that is COPPA compliant. To understand more about COPPA compliance within Woozworld, click on the Woozworld Privacy Policy.

You can also get more information by visiting our parents' section

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

In which languages is the Woozworld app available?

The Woozworld app is available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What can I do in Woozworld?

In Woozworld, you can personalize and express your style with new weekly clothes, build your character's story, trade and sell items, meet and chat with millions of friends, participate in events with celebrities, create your own games and parties, explore millions of rooms, and more.

Is Woozworld safe for tweens and teens?

Yes, Woozworld is a safe environment for tweens and teens to socialize. The platform uses advanced filters, tools, and third-party partners to monitor user behavior and strictly guards personal information. Real-time chat is COPPA compliant.

How can I contact Woozworld for technical issues or questions?

You can contact Woozworld for technical issues or questions through their help page at

Is it free to sign up and play in Woozworld?

Yes, it is completely free to sign up, create an avatar, and play in Woozworld.

Does Woozworld offer parental controls?

Yes, Woozworld cares about the safety of its users and offers parental controls to ensure a safe environment. You can find more information in the parents' section of the website.

Can I customize my avatar in Woozworld?

Yes, you can customize your avatar in Woozworld with thousands of hairstyles, dresses, skirts, and shoes to choose from.

Are there weekly competitions and contests in Woozworld?

Yes, Woozworld offers weekly competitions, contests, quizzes, and quests to keep you engaged and wanting more.

Can I buy new clothes and furniture in Woozworld?

Yes, you can shop for cool new fashion clothes and furniture in Woozworld. New clothes are added weekly to keep your character looking stylish.

Are there live events in Woozworld?

Yes, Woozworld hosts live events where you can have fun with celebrities, friends, and real stars, celebrities, and musicians who visit the platform.
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stardoll MIMI
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I like it
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Es fantástica abre la app te ba a encantar
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Iraj Ismail