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About Pet City 2 - Home design

Welcome to Pet City 2. Come for your Pet - Stay for your friends!

Adopt an adorable virtual pet and create a fabulous life for it. Jump right into the world of shopping, decorating and having fun with your neighbors. With new shop items released each week there is always something fun and exciting happening in Pet City 2.The creative possibilities are unlimited as you entertain yourself and your imagination to take you and your pet anywhere you want to go. Join Pet City 2 now!

* BE NURTURING! Your pet is all yours to care for. Feed your pet, play with toys daily and take Selfies together. And soon your pet becomes your daily companion.

* STYLE YOUR PET! With new shop items released every week you’ll be able to dress up your pet in the most stylish looks as well as themed looks - from magical fairy to rock star!

* DECORATE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS! Show your creativity and explore endless decorating ideas with new and unique decor items every week. Decorate the house of your dreams for your pet!

* MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Join the Add Me Pool and make new friends and neighbors.

* DO PLAY DATES! Visit neighbor pets and toss a ball, pillow fight, skip rope and much more. Your pet will even hi-five, share a secret handshake and tickle!

* BE HELPFUL! Be a good friend and send your neighbors items they need to earn coins or green cash. Help and trade with neighbors to fill collection sets that you can trade in for coins or green cash!

* JOIN TRADING GROUPS. Trade with others to acquire rare or highly sought after items!

* VIBRANT PLAYER COMMUNITY. There are so many wonderful Facebook groups dedicated to Pet City 2! Share your pet’s best moments with your friends in these groups where you can have fun gifting, socializing, trading and entering contests.

Why is Pet City 2 so addictive?

- Thousands of items to collect

- Vivid graphics and animations

- Weekly updates with beautifully designed furniture and fashionable clothes

- Advanced decorating tools

- A great variety of looks to create the cutest pets

- Entertaining social interactions

- Lots of ways to make new friends

- Animal lovers will love that their pet seems to have a life and personality all its own

Join Pet City 2 today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Pet City 2?

Pet City 2 is a virtual pet game where you can adopt a pet, dress it up, decorate rooms, make new friends, and engage in social interactions with neighbors.

What can you do in Pet City 2?

You can take care of your pet by feeding and playing with it, dress it up with stylish and themed looks, decorate rooms with new and unique decor items every week, make new friends in the Add Me Pool, visit neighbor pets for play dates, send items to neighbors to earn coins or green cash, join trading groups, and participate in contests in vibrant player community Facebook groups.
I'm so happy. For the creator of this game. Thank you, because wayback 2011 or 2012 my game is "Pet Society" when im Grabe 5 or Grade 6 but when i was a highschool i try to opened it again but i can't open i...
Angelica Surbona
An amazing game...i love it
M.J. Cullen
Love this game!
Heather Anderson
Love it please continue with more decorations 😁😁 I use to play on Facebook on my computer pet city been waiting on this 😁😁
Natasha Fairfax
every detail about this game is so cool, i love it. Thank you for this💜
purple mochi
I loved this game am so happy it is still around thank you so much to the people who made this game
Sammy Pennington