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About Lop Bakery

Experience both the farmer and bakery's life in Lop Bakery!

Loppie just decided to open a new bakery. Of course, all of the products are made of carrots! Whether you're growing various types of carrots, cooking carrot dishes and selling it at your bakery, or decorating your very own bakery, there are tons of fun to be had!

Learn how to make the bakery of your dreams and impress costumers with stunning decorations and mouth-watering dishes!

- Different furnitures and decorations you can use to design your dream bakery
- Various type of carrots to grow and later process at your bakery
- Fun, cute, and charismatic costumers will purchase your bakery dishes
- Exotic and rare ingredients sold at the market
- Fulfill delivery orders with your truck and increase costumers affection
- Daily bonus lucky spin per day and free candy per 2 hours.
- Eye catching & high definition graphics with detailed character animations
- Easy controls to make managing farm & bakery easy.

Lop Bakery is free to play.

There is only an optional Candy Machine upgrades, which cost $2.97 USD in total.

We do not sell any or intend to sell any in-game gems because we believe there is no shortcut in life: nothing can replace hardwork and persistence.

Most importantly, we believe that we should teach our young ones these irreplaceable value of hardwork and persistence through the games that they play.

The devs have forgotten the game, update update!
Lolz Unicorn
Very cute game😘
Cammy Cheah Lai Yung
So cute, delicious, and I'M AMAZED WITH THIS! I just wonder if I can play with my friends. Anyway, I like the carrot juice, chocolate coffee, and more foods. My cats likes this too. They like the milkshake. ...
mera azno