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About Baby Names by Nametrix

Browse and search baby names — origins, meanings, pronunciations, popularity, and more. Get recommendations, save your favorites.

Baby Names by Nametrix is fun, unique, and powerful — an incredible baby names app!

★ Thousands of baby girl and baby boy names
★ Name meanings and origins
★ Name lists by theme
★ Audio pronunciations
★ Recommendations based on your favorites
★ Countries where each is most common
★ Popularity graphs
★ Suggestions for brothers / sisters
★ Variations
★ Tags (e.g., Unisex, Vintage, Biblical)
★ Political party leanings
★ Profession leanings
★ Male vs. female percentages
★ Save and sort your favorite boy and girl names
★ Share via Facebook or Twitter

Baby Names by Nametrix is chock full of real-world, data-driven analysis unrivaled by any other app, website, or book. Great for expecting parents, writers, and everyone else interested in what's really behind a name. Get inspired for your pregnancy, writing, or imagination.

A sampling of what you'll find:

• Most commonly found in Sweden, the UK, and Australia
• In the US, popularity peaked in 2003, but it's peaking again now
• Currently the most popular name for girls in the US
• Vintage, first popular in the early 1900s
• Others you might like: Hannah, Abigail, Olivia, Lily
• Ideas for brothers: Samuel, Aiden, Noah, Marcus
• Variants include Ema, Emmah, Emme
• Emmas have historically gravitated to creative professions such as Singer-songwriter
• Emmas have historically tended to be Democrats in the US

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Best app i have found yet
Samantha Wood
Love it.. Worth the small fee! Please add more lists & stuff!
Uni Qweirdork
Pretty easy! No issues!
Samantha Manton