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About Todayist Daily Planner - Goals, Habits, Wellness

Meet Todayist, your friendly planning tool. We help you make the most of each day - no matter what kind of day you’re having. Todayist is designed from the ground up to help busy folks fit goals, healthy habits, and self care into their schedule, one small step at a time.

Tired of tools that are too rigid, too narrow, or just not sustainable? Learn more about our fresh take on how to be a little happier every day. So you can finally find a flexible way to fit in all of those important (but non-urgent) things that keep getting pushed to the back-burner.


Tired of trying to fit that 45 minute workout into a crazy day, and the stress/guilt when it doesn’t happen? Try something sustainable instead - Todayist helps you find realistic ways to fit your goals into each unique day.


Easily add your own habits and activities, or choose from fresh daily suggestions tailored to your goals. Todayist makes it fun and easy to stay inspired and keep your goals alive.


Finally, a sustainable way to focus on yourself. Easily track your goals, habits, tasks, and more in one friendly, guilt-free tool.

Want to know more about what’s included? Here’s the current list of all the features you’ll find inside Todayist.
- Habits: Create daily rituals that enhance your life, in a way that works for you
- Goals: Find flexible, realistic ways to fit your goals into each day
- Tasks: Add whatever needs to be tackled to feel good about your day
- Mindsets: Go deeper with daily mindsets that help you prioritize living well
- Mood Tracking: Easily track your happiness to learn more about you
- Reflections: Learn what adds value to your day, so you know what to keep doing

Try Todayist for free today. You can always use Todayist to work with a single goal completely free, or try Todayist Premium to work with more goals.

It's great to be productive at work and get a good 'to do' app but it's not enough. Todayist helps add a lot of self-care goals with many insightfully suggestions, so that I can use it for work and for ME, w...
Laurence Mourasse
Beautiful design, very helpful app
Jaime Burnell
This app is a fantastic help when it comes to organizing my help. It keeps me focused and allows me to achieve what I want to achieve: from mediating more to getting chores done. You can easily set reminders...
Elodie Fichet