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About SayMoney Pro - Your finances

SayMoney has been around for 4 years. During this period, the app became very popular among MacOS and iOS users. And for a very simple reason. The only thing we as the development team are responsible for is implementing the wishes of our users. Almost all functions of the app have been implemented and optimized according to user requirements. SayMoney now runs on 5 different platforms and is continuously being improved. Your suggestions for improvement are therefore welcome!

All functions at a glance:

- Simple and intuitive operation
- Management and evaluation of your expenses and income
- Management of transactions, categories, accounts and transfers
- Management of recurring expenditure and revenue
- Data filtering, sorting, grouping and aggregation
- Protection by a PIN, Touch ID or Face ID
- Voice input and voice output
- Voice commands
- Management of receipts, savings targets and grocery lists
- CSV export of your transactions
- CSV import of transactions
- Printing
- Data backup and recovery
- Data synchronization
- Data encryption
- Currency converter (current exchange rates)
- 5 app design colors
- Budgeting

Easy to use and just great app for personal finance management.
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