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About Genomapp. Squeeze your DNA

Genomapp crosses your raw data file with reliable scientific sources to obtain the maximum information about your DNA and show it in a simple way.

Have you had your DNA tested? Did you know that your genome has a lot to say? Would you like to know more about your DNA? It is easier than you think.

If you had your DNA tested by genetic test providers such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA), MyHeritage, Genes for Good, Living DNA or Geno 2.0. you have access to a file with your DNA raw data.

Genomapp analyzes your raw data file to extract information of interest. We have the most extensive list of conditions from scientific official sources including Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. We also have markers in tumor suppressor genes like BRCA1/2, PTEN and P53.

If you are tracing your ancestry through genetic testing kits you can also submit your raw data file to Genomapp to get the most out of your data.

*** What does Genomapp offer?

When you process your raw data file with Genomapp it associates your genotype with a list of conditions. Currently Genomapp offers the following reports (4 of them are free of charge and 3 are provided upon payment).

* Complex Diseases (cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's…)

* Inherited Conditions (your genotype markers that could cause monogenic diseases and offspring possibilities of being affected or being carriers of a monogenic disorder)

* Methylation (conditions related to genes that play a role in methylation mechanisms like folate or homocysteine metabolism)

* Pharmacological response (the most probable drug responses based on your genetic information)

* Traits (specific characteristics of an organism: hair color, muscle performance...)

* Observable signs (observable physical signs or symptoms associated with unhealthy processes or diseases)

* Blood Groups (your genetic markers associated with blood groups)

*** Your DNA test provider is not on our list?

We are always adding support for new DNA test providers. As well as files from the most well known DTC genetic testing companies such as 23andMe or AncestryDNA, Genomapp supports raw data files with VCF format and files with a specified scheme. Currently VCF raw data files from WES/WGS are not compatible with Genomapp.

*** Our Database

Genomapp's search engine allows you to search our database of more than 7000 conditions, 5000 genes and 80000 markers.

*** Easy to understand

Genomapp displays information of your DNA markers in a friendly and easy to understand manner. Export your personalized genetic reports to PDF and take them everywhere.

*** Privacy

Privacy is a main concern for Genomapp. Genomapp analyzes your genetic test to give you the maximum information of your DNA protecting your privacy at every moment. Your data remains in your device and is not stored or uploaded to our servers.

*** Not Diagnostic

Please note that Genomapp is not for diagnostic use, it does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for it. Consult with your health specialist if you have any question.

*** Ready to start?

Genomapp features a Demo mode. If you want to try the app or learn how it works you can access it and test a fully functional version of the app.

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It's pretty spot on
Georgie Breznik
Greg Rockwell
Love having this info on my device. Easy to bring to doctor appointments.
Truth Wins
Love!!! Very informative and easy to understand/navigate!
Stephanie Rizzo
Got all the info I needed. thanks
Rene Pitre
Useful and easy to understand information
Vickie White