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About Zervo - Anime Roleplay Chat Community - Gacha Draw

Zervo is a social and interactive chat community that enables you to communicate and express yourself in a new way. We are providing you unique anime chat with the opportunity to meet new people in roleplay chat.

Would you rather be someone else, somewhere else? Feel the excitement of role-playing and voice chat with strangers. If you are a fan of anime, looking for fun group chat and conversations based on imagination, then you are in the right place!

With lots of interesting virtual roles here, they have interesting dubs. Create chat rooms and start your role-playing adventure!

⏩Main features:⏪
✔️ Gacha machine - Find new roleplay with the Gachaton feature! Draw different interesting characters and expressions for free and diversify your gameplay.
✔️ Role gallery - Almost 100 unique and original characters are available to choose from for your next roleplay chat! Bartenders, entertainers, rockers, Rappers, nerds, beauty queens, and more!
✔️ Customized roles - You can also create your interesting roles and offer people to choose from.
✔️ Voice chat- Use a cute voice role to chat with strangers. Like in an animation game! Also you can play Live Chat.
✔️ Anime chat - A unique way to communicate, the messages will rotate and they have an interesting role voice.
✔️ Single & group chat rooms - Chat and Group chat rooms will be a whole new experience for you.
✔️ Chill rooms - Join the fun and communicate with the world.
✔️ No message history - the chill room can choose not to save the history of messages to protect privacy.
✔️ Regular updating - We are continuously working on updating this anime chat in creative ways to make it even more interesting and engaging for you!
✔️ Interactive chat community - Find new friends and add them to your chat community - Enjoy talking with them - Detect the magic!
✔️ Share it with friends - Share your creative roleplay stories and ideas with friends via social networks and other communication channels.

In a role-playing chat room, you can find many people acting and writing the story in real-time. It is based on the imagination of chatters and each of them is playing his role.

Start the Gacha machine and get your role-playing character - Enjoy in the single or group chat!

➡️➡️➡️ Download Zervo, the roleplay chat application with anime roles, and get engaged in the chat with strangers! Meet new people and find friends with unusual and most interesting.

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It's great and fun if your into roleplaying
Aljax Gold
It's good or
Jeremiah Martinez
This app is really good on my opinion
Ashley Ravotti