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About Weverse

▷ Together with the fans around the world
- Create fan posts and share beautiful photos for your favorite artists on Weverse.
- Show your support for fan creations with cheers and comments.

▷ Video contents about your favorite artists
- From official releases to exclusive contents that you won't find anywhere else!
- Watch the exciting selection of contents, handpicked for the fans on Weverse.

▷ Artists' moments of the day
- See the real and latest daily stories shared by your favorite artists.
- Support your favorite artists by cheering or commenting on their moments.

▷ Curious about the posts and comments in other languages?
- Try the easy translation feature! It's just one tap of a button!
- Artists' posts will also be translated into your preferred language.

▷Exclusive menu and contents just for MEMBERSHIP ONLY (ARMY/MOA/BUDDY)
- Enjoy the exclusive contents made available for the Official Membership holders.

Weverse Would Like to Access...
- Device and App Activities: For checking errors in the app and improving app usability
- Device ID: For identifying devices
- Camera: For scanning QR codes
- Photos/Media/Files: For 1-on-1 support
- Bluetooth/Location: For connecting the Light Stick to sync with the application

Follow Weverse on Social Media!
- Twitter: @weverseofficial
- Facebook: @weverseofficial
- Instagram: @weverseofficial

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do on Weverse?

On Weverse, you can create fan posts, share photos, support fan creations, watch exclusive video contents of your favorite artists, see their daily stories, and interact with them through cheers and comments.

Is there a translation feature on Weverse?

Yes, Weverse has an easy translation feature that allows you to translate posts and comments into your preferred language with just one tap of a button.

Are there exclusive contents for Official Membership holders?

Yes, Weverse offers exclusive menu and contents that are only accessible to Official Membership holders of specific fan clubs like ARMY, MOA, and BUDDY.

What access does Weverse require?

Weverse may require access to device and app activities for checking errors and improving app usability, device ID for device identification, camera for scanning QR codes, photos/media/files for 1-on-1 support, and Bluetooth/location for connecting the Light Stick to sync with the application.

Where can I follow Weverse on social media?

You can follow Weverse on Twitter (@weverseofficial), Facebook (@weverseofficial), and Instagram (@weverseofficial).
Eileen Melchor
I'm so happy
Evil Tae
LITERALLY! every single time I close the app it log out I need to log in for every post I hope that will be fixed
Salma Ayman
Farren Qurishi
The best app ever
jihope smile
Love it
Muhammad Asif