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About Kiddopia - Preschool Learning Games

Kiddopia is a spectacular learning app for kids with tons of educational and entertaining content.

Kiddopia is a winner of several awards including:
- Parent Choice Award
- Tilly Wig Brain Award
- Nappa Award
- Moms Choice Award

Kids and toddlers will learn essential early curriculum such as:
- ABCs
- Alphabet Tracing
- Curriculum-based Math Program
- Spelling
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Number Values
- Patterns
- Shapes
- Colors
- General Knowledge concepts
... and much much more

Kiddopia has various educational and preschool learning games, which help in the cognitive development of a child such as:
- Jigsaw Puzzles
- Memory Game
- Spot the Difference
- Join the Dots
- Spot the odd one out
- Shape Matching Puzzles
- Logical reasoning problems

There is immense opportunity for kids to gain General Knowledge in Kiddopia:
- Kids can enjoy learning the names of Planets & Constellations
- Toddlers can learn about Community Helpers, their tools and roles
- Kids of all ages will find it fun to learn the names & sounds of Animals in different habitats, including Dinosaurs
- Older kids can enjoy the educational aspects of the app as they learn the names of Continents and Oceans
- Learning and fun will become synonymous when kids get to know some of the Wonders of the World

Kiddopia also has tons of creativity-enhancing games for pre-school kids, like these:
- Bake & decorate Cupcakes and Donuts
- Grill & garnish Pizzas
- Cook & design Pastas
- Freeze & decorate Popsicles & Smoothies
- Paint and beautify nails
- Make lovely accessories such as tiaras, necklaces and earrings
- Coloring Pad

We have also included Role Playing games, which will take kids on adventures that are exciting, informative, and educational:
- Become an astronaut, make your own spaceship, rescue aliens & explore space
- Help out sick aquatic animals by playing as a Fish Doctor
- Play as a Handyman and fix broken things around the house

Special Feature: Nursery Rhymes Songs & Kids Videos!

Kiddopia is a subscription app. New content will be added regularly.

You can find our Terms of Use here:

We have used the below permissions in the app to be able to save the screenshots of what kids create in the app.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our Customer Support at [email protected]

You can review more privacy-related information at

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My son loves this very educational
Lady E.K.
I love this one I have this app and I love you so much and I hope you have a great day and I love you ♥️
Jeanne Sweet
Apara Mihir