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About Pinkfong ABC Phonics

Learn the alphabet & vocabulary with cute animals!

[Pinkfong ABC Phonics] is an educational app for preschoolers featuring exciting kids songs, easy writing activities and interactive alphabet games.
You can also take photos using cute frames and stickers!

Develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills with this app.

* Features *

1. Videos for each alphabet
- Watch 26 super fun videos for each alphabet.
- Sing-along to each song with the animals & master your ABCs.

2. Learn how to write!
- Trace & draw each alphabet using your fingers.
- Develop your fine motor skills.

3. Play different games!
- Memorize the alphabet by playing various interactive games.
- Master the alphabets & learn animal names in a fun way.

4. Take cute pictures
- Use pretty & colorful frames and stickers to take pictures.

You'll have an unforgettable experience with this app!

* Pinkfong ABC Phonics is all about learning the sound and shape of each letter for the first time. Singing along animated songs of each letter will help young children get familiar with the alphabet.

* The app is FREE, but some in-app content requires optional payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Pinkfong ABC Phonics?

Pinkfong ABC Phonics is an educational app for preschoolers that helps them learn the alphabet and vocabulary with cute animals.

What are the features of Pinkfong ABC Phonics?

The features of Pinkfong ABC Phonics include videos for each alphabet, learning how to write, playing different games, and taking cute pictures using frames and stickers.

What skills can be developed with Pinkfong ABC Phonics?

With Pinkfong ABC Phonics, you can develop your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

How can young children get familiar with the alphabet using Pinkfong ABC Phonics?

Young children can get familiar with the alphabet by singing along to animated songs of each letter, which is part of the Pinkfong ABC Phonics app.

Is Pinkfong ABC Phonics free?

Yes, Pinkfong ABC Phonics is free, but some in-app content requires optional payment.
Mou Win
Very nice for sister who is autistic and she loves it so much
Riano Ejeneha
This is for my brother
Khema Baby
Great game my child have fun playing with
zainab salman
kemal filli
Helene Bassous