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About Kids Preschool Learning Games & Kids Rhymes Songs

★★★★★ Kids Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games - All-in-one - ★★★★★

Preschool Kids Learning Games & Kids Songs includes preschool kids learning activities, Kids Songs, Kids Learning Games, Kids Stories, Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Videos for kids.


Kids can enjoy preschool educational games, kids puzzles, kids videos, kids shows, kids stories & interactive games designed for overall growth of kids by improving imagination, cognitive and reasoning skills.

Packed with hundreds of best 3d Animated Education cartoons, kids shows and fun music videos with sing-along text.

* NO ADs
* Kids Videos, Preschool Educational Content, and shows
* Unique Kids Preschool Learning Activities to stimulate kids thinking and reasoning skills
* Sing Along Songs, 3d Animated Cartoons and Educational Series with different cute kids characters
* Learn Alphabets, Numbers, Phonics through songs and Activities
* Dance to the tunes of famous nursery rhymes and videos
* Parental Control
* Download the content once and keep playing any time any place - True Offline Mode.
* Our famous Youtube IP's in one app like Zool Babies, Too Too baby, Minnu and Mintu.
* Designed for all varieties of devices from phones to tablets.

Kids Learning Activities
* Kids Piano - Learn and play with kids nursery rhymes.Play with the piano.
* Kids Preschool Learning Wheel - Learn and interact with Animals, Alphabets, Numbers, Vegetables, Fruits and know them by names.
* Kids Interactive Rhymes - Interact with your favorite characters and enjoy the rhymes
* Kids Stories Time - Enjoy kids stories with autoplay and text highlight.All your kids' favorite stories in one app.
* Kids Precut Puzzles - Join the puzzles pieces to see the cute images come alive and learn the objects by their names
* Kids Drawing - Unless your kids creativity in kids coloring activities and paint all the cute kids' characters and objects
* Kids Connect the Dots - Learn how to count and also alphabets by Connecting the dots to reveal cute pictures come alive and unleash the kids' imaginations.
* Kids Blocks - Match the different blocks by dragging and dropping to complete the fun kids' puzzles
* Learning Videos and Shows - Enjoy the learning through Sing-Along Videos and funny shows.

Make sure to download the content first time or before any traveling so that you don't want to miss the entertainment and educational content for your kids on the go.

Subscription Details
We have unlocked few Preschool activities and nursery rhymes for free to try our app. Please Subscribe to unlock unlimited entertainment and all the future updates of new videos, songs and learning activities.

Customer Support
Also feel free to drop us an email anytime to [email protected] and we would be glad to assist you with any issues regarding app or subscriptions.
Also check out Google Play Subscription details here -

If you like our effort please show us your love by leaving a comment and rate our app. Please check our other apps too @
We are all ears as always.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the Kids Preschool Learning Games & Kids Rhymes Songs app include?

The app includes preschool kids learning activities, kids songs, kids learning games, kids stories, nursery rhymes, and nursery videos for kids.

Can kids use the app without an internet connection?

Yes, kids can download the content and play the app offline.

What skills can kids improve with the app?

The app is designed to improve kids' imagination, cognitive, and reasoning skills.

Are there any ads in the app?

No, there are no ads in the app.

What types of content are available in the app?

The app includes kids videos, preschool educational content, shows, sing-along songs, 3D animated cartoons, and educational series.

Can kids learn alphabets and numbers through the app?

Yes, kids can learn alphabets, numbers, and phonics through songs and activities in the app.

Is there parental control available in the app?

Yes, the app has parental control features.

Can the app be used on different devices?

Yes, the app is designed for all varieties of devices from phones to tablets.

What activities are available in the Kids Learning Activities section?

The Kids Learning Activities section includes a kids piano, kids preschool learning wheel, interactive rhymes, stories, puzzles, drawing, connect the dots, blocks, and learning videos and shows.

Is there a subscription for unlimited entertainment and future updates?

Yes, there is a subscription available to unlock unlimited entertainment and future updates.

How can customers get support for the app?

Customers can get support by emailing at [email protected].

Where can customers find more apps by the same developer?

Customers can find more apps by the same developer on the Google Play Store by searching for "kidzooly".

Is there a social media page for the app?

Yes, you can like the Facebook page at for updates and information.
Super awesome
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Fun games
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We need to all ok
Kazi Shomun
My children enjoyed the most of the games and songs.
pink sign Okokuku Oniru
happy coz my kids also happy ☺☺☺
Catherine Rabanes