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About Learn Languages With Amy

Learn Languages With Amy helps young children to improve their vocabulary in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Esperanto.

• 17 appealing themes like farm, numbers, transportation, school and body.
• Test the listening and reading skills of your child.
• For children 2 to 7 years.

The app has 3 themes free to try and requires a subscription to access all features.

Learn the following languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Esperanto.

How can Learn Languages With Amy help you and your kids?
• Learn and play: challenging games (slideshow, concentration game, puzzle, and quiz).
• Thematic learning: words are ordered into clear themes (follows themes used in kindergarten).
• High-quality graphics designed by professionals.
• Words are spoken by a voice over professional with a friendly female voice.
• Teaches pronunciation and spelling.
• Helps children learn new words they do not know yet (expanding your child's vocabulary).
• Guides follow the progress of the vocabulary development with detailed insight in test results.

Listening and reading skills of children are measured by the app, and can be viewed by parents and supervisors. The results can be viewed for a limited time only. A subscription allows you to view the results of the last two weeks, and allows filtering by theme and skill.

Learn Languages With Amy offers several fun and interactive preschooler games that teach kids in the following areas:

FARM: match cute animals from ducks to cows and learn how these words look, sound, and how to write and pronounce them.
CLOTHING: what do we put on today and how do you pronounce that?
COLORS: your child will learn the most common colors as easy as 123.
TRANSPORTATION: see and learn the different means of transportation on the road, in the water or in the sky!
NUMBERS: learning the basics of the 123s is vital for toddlers and preschool aged kids and will help later with kindergarten math.
SHAPES: your preschooler will get to know the basic shapes by learning cute and colorful rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.
PLAYGROUND: learn how to pronounce and write the equipment of the playground.
FOOD & DRINKS: learn how to pronounce and write the names of different food and drinks.
ZOO: look at the zoo animals and learn how they are written and pronounced.
HOME: learn the basic shapes of everyday home appliances.
SCHOOL: prepare your child to join kindergarten!
WEATHER: all about rain, sunshine and the seasons.
EMOTIONS: happy, angry sad. What other emotions are there?
WASHING:It's time for a bath! Clean yourself and learn words about taking care of yourself.
PEOPLE AND FAMILY: do you know your family? Play the theme 'people' together with your grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, father or mother!
FRUIT: hmm tasty! I am looking forward to eating fruit. What kinds of fruit do you already know? Learn them all!

And 3 more themes!

Remaining themes are available as subscription.

New themes are developed regularly. Availability of themes per language:

* Dutch: 19 themes
* English: 13 themes
* Spanish: 13 themes
* Polish: 13 themes
* Esperanto: 13 themes.

Check details of available themes for your language on our website

New games and themes regularly become available.

Kindergartens use this game to decrease language delays for newcomers.

Do you have questions or feedback? We love to hear from you! Please contact us at [email protected]

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