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POPINK-your gateway to a new universe!

POPINK is your No.1 go-to app for the immersive world of sweet romance, mysterious paranormal fantasy and captivating young adult stories. When you download this app, you are opening yourself up to our universe of a plethora of romantic possibilities, steamy hot encounters and bone chilling adventures! Here we have everything that you fancy reading, from LGBTQ+ experiences and kissing under the mistletoe to the world of dragon slayers and shapeshifting werewolves. All of this and more, right at your fingertips!


We are new. We are original. We believe in seeking original content and cultivating the future generation of talented writers to make their mark in the world now-hence our motto "future is now". POPINK pays its writers top dollar to attract the best content for our readers, who are here to access the most addictive,diverse and fascinating stories.

Features for our readers

We offer the best user experience in our app with our user interface, giving you our beloved reader the smooth flawless reading experience.
Genres that we offer
From possessive billionaire bad boy lover to meeting vampire royals and dominant alphas, everything you ever wished for is right here in our collection.
If you want new refreshing crossover genres, your perfect love tales can now also have a paranormal thriller flavour here at POPINK!
Our massive collection of tearjerking romance and sizzling erotica will make you feel hot and cold at the same time!

POPINK is here for our writers

We believe in our writers' talents and we will invest everything in our power to promote their works. When you choose POPINK, you are choosing a global platform and accessing an emerging base of passionate readers! Check on our app to see our amazing writer benefits which are unbeaten in the entire industry!

Reach out to us today and we will respond to all your queries! Follow us on:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is POPINK?

POPINK is an app that provides a wide range of sweet romance, paranormal fantasy, and young adult stories for readers to enjoy.

Why should I choose POPINK?

POPINK is a new and original app that offers diverse and addictive stories. It pays its writers top dollar, ensuring high-quality content for readers.

What genres are available on POPINK?

POPINK offers genres like possessive billionaire bad boy lover, vampire royals, dominant alphas, and even paranormal thrillers with a touch of love.

Does POPINK offer a good user experience?

Yes, POPINK provides a smooth and flawless reading experience with its user-friendly interface.

How does POPINK support its writers?

POPINK believes in investing in its writers' talents and offers unbeatable benefits to promote their works. They provide a global platform for writers to reach passionate readers.

How can I contact POPINK for queries?

You can reach out to POPINK by following them on Facebook at They will respond to all your queries.
Finally the app is here🥰 and I already came running to shamelessly promote my novel😅! My name is Asmitha☺️ and I have been writing a Mafia Romance😍 called 'DOTED ON BY THE MAFIA BOSS'... Do give it a try ...
Asmitha A
I love this app 💕💕❤
Kutauka Simunyola
I am sooooo into this app. I've been waiting for you. Glad you arrived safely. Although, it does need a 'search session" where books can be searched for.
Kiss Leilani
Download the app now and read the stories there❤️
Aliyalicios Wp