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We are Libri - a library of various genres of web novels and books, covering hot topics like werewolves, romance, CEO, science fictions, suspense, fan fictions and LGBT. For web novel enthusiasts, it's an unmissable reading app.

Exclusive Novels
Libri has hundreds of original novels covering a wide range of genres, which caters for different readers' individualities. We will offer whatever you want! The following are our exclusive books:
Don't Kiss Me, My Vampire Master: He is a paramount cruel prince. She is a common and kind girl. She was summoned to him wrongly. He loved her by tormenting her.

Revenge of Alpha's Abused Lover: She once forgave him for taking advantage of her, but he cheated her again. When they met again, she held another man. She wouldn't forgive him and would kill him this time!
My Happiness Begins with One Crazy Night: Five years ago, she escaped and went abroad without any dignity. Now when they met again on the street, he said to her, "I like the woman with nice figures like you who are good in bed."
Contract Marriage with an Aloof CEO: Six years ago, he forced her to divorce. And she returned with a cute kid now. He expected to recover the relationship. But it was too late.
Please Be Gentler, My CEO: Five years later, she returned with her son who was taken away by him later. She realized that she and her son were pawns in his cunning stratagem, meaning nothing to him.
Get Married Before Falling in Love: I proposed to him and was confident that he would love me one day. But two years later, I ended up in begging him and divorcing with him. I was just a joke.

So many fictions await you to explore on Libri APP.

Quick Updates
There are nearly a thousand of exclusive authors on Libri all over the world. While ensuring the quality, these authors will update their novels every day, satisfying your reading need to the largest extent. Become one of our readers and look forward to daily-updated chapters!

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Communicate with Other Readers
Libri attracts numerous readers and writers. Whichever genre of novels you prefer, no matter whether you like original or translated novels, you can find friends sharing common interests here! Speak out in the comment area and share your opinions with other book enthusiasts. Download Libri now, and you will start a brand new reading trip!

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Everyone dreams to be a writer and can become Shakespear! Libri provides a platform to those people who love writing to tell their stories.
You are welcomed if you are passionate about writing.
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Free your imagination, create your story, find readers for your work and make yourselves heard!

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