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About Shero-Read Novels&Stories

Shero-Your real reading wonderland!
Wonderful stories for every reader. Download and start reading without delay! It’s all on Shero!

Shero gives you all:
- Numerous Genres: Werewolf, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Mystery and even more!
- Countless Stories: Alpha, Luna, Billionaire, Contract Marriage, Rejection, Revenge and more fantanstic stories for you to explore!
- Massive Rankings: The Best, New Arrivals, Limited Free...Read and find out books from various rankings!
- Smart Recommendation: Best books present and provided for you according to interest!
- Own Free Library: Download to read offline and save your favorite stories to keep them with you wherever you go!

Come and Join us
- Read and earn free rewards. More benefits awaiting!
- Share your comments and connect with passionate readers & writers!
- Start your story writing journey and create your own story!

How to Contact Us
- For Your Opinions|We’d like to hear from you with appreciation
Customer service and opinion Email —>> [email protected]
- Become An Author|We help you realize your writing dream
Get your story discovered—>>[email protected]

Copyright Claim: [email protected] (Copyright related contact this email)
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Facebook Group —>>

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What genres are available on Shero?

Shero offers numerous genres including Werewolf, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Mystery and more.

What types of stories can be found on Shero?

Shero has countless stories like Alpha, Luna, Billionaire, Contract Marriage, Rejection, Revenge and many more fantastic stories for readers to explore.

Can books be downloaded for offline reading on Shero?

Yes, readers can download books to read offline and save their favorite stories to keep with them wherever they go.

Is there a way to contact customer service on Shero?

Yes, readers can contact customer service and share their opinions with Shero via email at [email protected].

Can users become authors on Shero?

Yes, Shero offers the opportunity for writers to have their stories discovered by emailing [email protected].

What benefits are available for readers on Shero?

Readers can earn free rewards, share their comments, and connect with passionate readers and writers on Shero.

Where can I find Shero on social media?

Shero can be found on Facebook Group at