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About Readink

Readink - one of the best book apps ever!
- Book Genres: Werewolf, Billionaire Romance, Fantasy, Western, Mafia, Dark Romance, Urban
- Discover Exclusive Hot Stories and more

**Here's what's waiting for you**
- Personal library auto sync on every device
- 20000+ amazing stories here in one app, with special daily recommendations
- Read the latest chapters anywhere anytime.
- A rich interactive reading experience - share your thoughts and discuss plots with authors and the community.
- Unlimited reading experience - more new books hit the shelf every month!

**Massive Tags. Help you locate your favorite books in 5 minutes**
Fantasy, Royal Romance, Dark Romance, Werewolf & luna, Supernatural, Dragon, Vampire, Billionaire, Mafia and so on. We got it all!

**Hottest Web Novels at Readink**
If you’re looking for any of these web novels below, then you’ll love Readink for sure.
-「Most Read 5 Web Novels 2021」
-「Top 10 Novels of All Web Novel Platforms」
-「Best Sellers of Web Fictions 2021 - Love & Romance」

**Trending web novel at Readink:**
- 「Fates Hands」By Lori Ameling
- 「The War God's Favorite」By Jenny Fox 🦊
- 「Werewolf's Heartsong 」By DizzyIzzyN
- 「The Last Spirit Wolf」By Elena Norwood
- 「Untouchable」By Marii Solaria 🕊
- 「Between the Four Alphas」By K. K. Winter

Download the app and indulge in your fantasy dreams NOW!

If you have any queries, feedbacks or suggestions, our customer service [email protected] is ready to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What genres of books are available on Readink?

Book genres on Readink include werewolf, billionaire romance, fantasy, western, mafia, dark romance, and urban.

What features does Readink offer?

Readink offers features like personal library auto sync on every device, 20,000+ stories to choose from, daily recommendations, the ability to read the latest chapters anywhere anytime, and a rich interactive reading experience.

Are there different tags available to help locate favorite books?

Yes, Readink provides massive tags such as fantasy, royal romance, dark romance, werewolf & luna, supernatural, dragon, vampire, billionaire, mafia, and more to help users locate their favorite books easily.

Can I find popular web novels on Readink?

Absolutely! Readink features the hottest web novels such as "Most Read 5 Web Novels 2021," "Top 10 Novels of All Web Novel Platforms," and "Best Sellers of Web Fictions 2021 - Love & Romance."

What are some of the trending web novels on Readink?

Some of the trending web novels on Readink include "Fates Hands" by Lori Ameling, "The War God's Favorite" by Jenny Fox 🦊, "Werewolf's Heartsong" by DizzyIzzyN, "The Last Spirit Wolf" by Elena Norwood, "Untouchable" by Marii Solaria 🕊, and "Between the Four Alphas" by K. K. Winter.

How can I get help or provide feedback to Readink?

If you have any queries, feedback, or suggestions, you can contact Readink's customer service at [email protected].
the book iam reading is really good
Realm_reapZz YT
I just download the app we will see
Lisa Schmidt
A Google user
cool story
Vikki Pittman
First time reading books on Google, not disappointed at all.
Debra Clarke