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About GoodFM: Audiobook Listener, Podcast, Audible Story

GoodFM - creates the best audible content hub, a hub for great voice actors. Whether it's audiobooks, online audible courses, great podcasts, GoodFM just has it all.

If you're looking for audible stories, podcasts, online courses, and other professional audio content, GoodFM can become your first choice. With all kinds of audible content, GoodFM makes more than just fun and also become the most popular listening platform.

GoodFM has the highest quality source of audible content as a professional platform for creating original audible content.

All kinds of audiobook types are available
1. Horror and suspense
2. Criminal psychology
3. Funny segments
4. Urban Romance
5. Mystery and Fantasy

GoodFM can also meet your needs for audible content diversity.
2. Podcast
3. Radio drama
4. Interesting podcasts
5. White noise

GoodFM’s audible books will accompany you on every journey, as will the richness of the podcast channels. Whether you want to listen to an up to date podcast, or fall asleep with your best time story, listen to white noise, meditate on music, or listen to a good collection of short stories to paint a picture of your main character, GoodFM will always be your best option.

What are GoodFM’s platform features?

GoodFM has a wealth of original audible stories, ranging from romance to urban fantasy to horror and suspense to fantasy.

Also, GoodFM’s audiobooks are delivered entirely by the best and most professional voice actors, aided by the highest quality sound effects, allowing you to jump into the action in a second.

Just Remember: Wear headphones to listen to the story better. The 3D Surround sound design, brings you the magnificent listening feeling.

What is GoodFM’s platform and what needs are addressed?

GoodFM has the most popular audible books, as well as podcasts, audio courses.

Each kind of excellent voice anchor splendid deducts the story plot, gives you the rich sense of hearing feeling as well as the intoxicated dripping sensory experience.

If you don’t have time to read a book, watch a show, or take a class in the field, come to GoodFM platform for both relaxation and self growth.

GoodFM is looking for long-term audio anchors, welcome to join.

Whether you are a student, an office worker, a freelancer, or a radio enthusiast, you can be an excellent voice actor as long as your voice is distinctive and as long as your voice is popular with your audience.
GoodFM has a huge amount of content online, waiting for good voice actors to finish the story.

What GoodFM can offer:

1. Generous material and financial incentives
2. Brand packaging for you, online celebrity packaging
3. Create your own channel on the platform
4. Give you a wide audience

Join GoodFM and create a feast for the sound world. GOODFM needs you!
To submit your resume, please contact: [email protected]

For more recruitment information, see:

Follow GoodFM

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2. Email Address: [email protected]

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