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About MegaNovel: Fictions & Webnovel

MegaNovel has all the fantastic web-novels, fictions and stories you shall dive into. Enjoy unlimited and immersive reading at MegaNovel, you won’t regret for a try!

[Trending Books on MegaNovel]
- [The Amazing Son-in-Law] The Charismatic Charlie Wade By Lord Leaf
- The Ultimate Husband By Skykissing Wolf
- A Billionaire In Disguise By Rever
- Leading My Family to Glory By Stay-at-home Scholar
- Blood Wolf By MadRain
- The Transcendent Zombie System By A Hundred Battles In Green Armor
- Life as a servant By TheCrow
- Kingsman Return By Kuraii
- Re; Hell Gate By TheCrow

[Popular Book Genres]
- Fantasy
- Sci-Fi
- System
- Urban
- Mystery/Thriller
- Paranormal

[What MegaNovel features]
- The best storytelling platform that obtains massive book categories – fantasy, romance, thriller, system, or action adventure – all available on MegaNovel
- We collect original stories from talented authors all over the world
- Gather story-lovers across the countries and share your passionate with readers and writers
- Huge rewards for experienced or gifted authors:

- Professional editorial team that helps in creating the next big novel hit
*Download MegaNovel and start writing right now, tell us a story we’d never see but ones we knew existed between the pages of a book! *

How To Contact Us
- For Your Opinions | We’d like to hear from you
Customer Service Email —>> [email protected]

Follow Us | MegaNovel Social Media
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What types of books are available on MegaNovel?

MegaNovel offers a wide range of book genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, system, urban, mystery/thriller, and paranormal.

How can I become a writer on MegaNovel?

If you are an experienced or gifted author, you can join MegaNovel and enjoy huge rewards. You can find more information on how to become a writer on our website:

How can I contact MegaNovel for my opinions or feedback?

You can contact our customer service via email at [email protected].

Are there any social media platforms where I can follow MegaNovel?

Yes, you can follow MegaNovel on various social media platforms:
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