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About LOOSID: Sober Social Network & Recovery App

The sober social network & addiction recovery app. Live sober, love sober.

Featured on Forbes, Today, NY Times, People, Good Morning America, and more!

You don’t have to be face to face to socialize! Joining and getting involved in our positive, vibrant community is a great way to stay connected during these turbulent times.

Meet your new community on LOOSID. We’ve all got our reasons to explore life on the sober side. Whether you’re a sober evangelist, simply curious about the lifestyle, in recovery and in need of addiction support, or in it for any other reason: you’ve found your people.

Our ever-growing community is ready for you to join its ranks! Sobriety is better experienced together - that’s why we created LOOSID.

LOOSID is the guide to living sober, whether you want to: find amazing experiences around the world or in your local area, connect with other members or date other sober singles. LOOSID also offers recovery and emergency support for those who need it most.

We’re continuously growing our amazing community across the US. Don’t worry if you’re not currently in one of our high expansion areas. You can still download LOOSID and get access to sober events, travel and hotlines for extra support.


LOOSID will support you in all aspects of your journey:

- Sober curious? Discover all the ways sobriety can better your everyday life.

- Being sober is a game changer - let it transform your love life too!

- In addiction recovery? You can keep track of it and connect with others who are going through the same experience.


LOOSID, IRL! Discover the social side of sobriety: you’ll find local events you can attend as you’re reinventing your lifestyle, or just more of what you already love to do.

Once you’ve entered your location, we’ll show you events happening nearby. You can even create your own event – help us bring the community together!


Your clean lifestyle helper! You’ll find a repertoire of local restaurants that offer sober-friendly options and mocktails: now you know where to take your LOOSID match on a date!

If you’re traveling, you’ll also be able to find options you can get on board with, all around the world.


We’re actively growing our dating pool! Not enough members in your area? Don’t worry - we’re doing our best to add more members!

Start a new chapter of your life with LOOSID and meet a like-minded match! Reinvent your love life and connect with locals who share your values and lifestyle.

Scroll through your local community and start chatting once you both like each other. Who knows? You could find a partner to take on this wonderful journey with you!


We’re here for you every step of the way in your addiction recovery journey! You can select a sobriety date if that’s the path you’re on, track your progress and celebrate your milestones.

If you’re in a crisis or an emergency situation, use our hotline for immediate help and support. Remember, in this community we take it one day at a time.

Take time to reassess your sobriety. Are you all in? New to the game? Thinking about it, or just curious? Wherever you stand, LOOSID is here and ready to support you. Keep track of your progress, chat with like-minded new friends and even find the one on LOOSID.

Meet up at sober-friendly events and discover your new favorite local place. Let LOOSID be a part of your journey and it’ll take your sobriety to new places you didn’t even know existed!


Our hotlines and community are here to connect and engage. Though you may see recommendations from our Boozeless Guides for Events, Restaurants and Travel, please follow the suggestions and mandates at the State and Federal level.

Download LOOSID, The Sober Social Network.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is LOOSID?

LOOSID is a sober social network and addiction recovery app that connects individuals and provides support for living a sober lifestyle.

What features does LOOSID offer?

LOOSID offers various features such as finding sober-friendly experiences, connecting with other members, dating sober singles, accessing recovery and emergency support, and discovering local events and guides.

Can I join LOOSID if I don't live in a high expansion area?

Yes, you can still download LOOSID and access sober events, travel options, and hotlines for extra support, even if you are not currently in one of our high expansion areas.

How can LOOSID help me in my sobriety journey?

LOOSID can support you in various aspects of your sobriety journey, whether you are sober curious, looking to transform your love life, or in addiction recovery. It offers resources, connections with others going through similar experiences, and tools to track your progress and celebrate milestones.

Can I find sober-friendly options and mocktails on LOOSID?

Yes, LOOSID provides a repertoire of local restaurants that offer sober-friendly options and mocktails. Whether you're going on a date or traveling, you can find suitable options around the world.

Is there a dating feature on LOOSID?

Yes, LOOSID has a dating feature where you can connect with like-minded individuals in your local community. You can scroll through profiles, chat with potential matches, and potentially find a partner to share your sober journey with.

Does LOOSID offer recovery tools and support?

Yes, LOOSID offers recovery tools such as the ability to select a sobriety date, track progress, and celebrate milestones. It also provides a hotline for immediate help and support during crisis or emergency situations.

Can I create my own event on LOOSID?

Yes, you can create your own event on LOOSID and help bring the community together. LOOSID offers a platform for organizing and promoting sober-friendly events.

Can LOOSID be used worldwide?

LOOSID is continuously growing its community across the US, but it also provides options for travel and events worldwide. Sober-friendly options and support can be accessed globally.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines to follow on LOOSID?

While LOOSID may provide recommendations for events, restaurants, and travel options through its guides, it is important to follow the suggestions and mandates at the State and Federal level.
Great support and structure.
Mike Bleski
It brings communication to another level. 👍
James Riley
Grateful it's here. Easy to use.
Jaime Kerr
Great App to share advice and keep it green. A great opportunity to greet the newcomer and get them to their first meeting.
Robert Haney
Nice app
Lou Garcia
This app is great! I live in a rural are so getting to a meeting means a 30 min or better drive. This allows me to interact with others in recovery from home whenever. Having an outlet when your struggling t...
Alex Brooker