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About Social Curator

Posting on social media doesn’t have to feel like a second full-time job when you know exactly what to say to get more followers, more engagement and more sales.

Curate your feed and market your business in 5 minutes or less using our customizable caption templates and lifestyle images found in your subscription.

Create Unlimited Drafts

- Create an unlimited number of post drafts in your desktop planner and watch them appear in your app.
- Use your own content to create brand new drafts in the app.


- Rearrange your posts and visually curate your feed.
- Add your own photos to your drafts to personalize your marketing.


- Batch plan all of your posts for the week or the month.
- Schedule the date and time to publish each post.

How it Works:

Inside of your Social Curator subscription, start by drafting your posts using our pre-made, customizable content from within your desktop planner. Pair any fill-in-the-blank caption template with your own photo OR, with one of thousands of lifestyle images from our gallery.

Customize, rearrange and schedule all of your paired drafts from within the Social Curator app and seamlessly post to Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest, or any social app installed on your phone.

Finally, an app that helps you post consistently on social media, market your business and seamlessly share your content to any platform.

Connect with us @socialcurators.

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