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About InstaReM – Send Money Overseas

Sending money around the world just got a whole lot easier and more cost-effective with our InstaReM app.

InstaReM uses Zero-margin FX rates rates to provide expats, businesses and foreign students with a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to transfer money online. The InstaReM app helps you send money anywhere across the globe at a very low cost as compared to traditional money transfer methods. We have been ranked No. 1 cost-effective remittance platform in various payment corridors by the World Bank. With our Zero-margin FX rates, Low Transfer Fees and No Hidden Charges, we make sending and receiving money from overseas a breeze.

Transfer Money Overseas In 3 Simple Steps With InstaReM:

1. Register
2. Add Payee
3. Set Up A Transfer


- Send money on-the-go 24/7, to more than 50 countries across the world
- Smooth sign up and easy log in
- Get Zero-Margin FX rates
- Low Transfer Fees
- No Hidden Charges
- Multiple payment options: InstaReM supports PoLi (in Australia only) and bank transfers
- Track your transfers on the go
- Typically same day or next business day international money transfers
- View your transaction history, update your payee list and payment methods
- Enhanced security and information protection


- Exclusive promotions and discounts
- First Transfer Bonus
- Referral Bonus
- Prompt & Proactive Client Services

Client Services available via chat, phone and emails. For any queries, kindly visit or write to us at [email protected]

Send Money Overseas From Australia (AUD)
Transfer AUD to EUR, AUD to RMB, AUD to INR, AUD to GBP, AUD to VND, AUD to PHP, AUD to USD, AUD to BDT, AUD to LKR and AUD to other world currencies at Zero-margin FX rates.

Remit From Singapore (SGD)
Send SGD to RMB, SGD to MYR, SGD to INR, SGD to EUR, SGD to IDR, AUD to USD, AUD to GBP and SGD to other world currencies at Zero-margin exchange rates.

Transfer Money From Hong Kong (HKD)
Transfer HKD to RMB, HKD to USD, HKD to EUR, HKD to GBP, HKD to IDR, HKD to PHP, HKD to INR and other HKD to world currencies at Zero-margin exchange rates.

Say goodbye to the hassles of wire transfer and international bank transfer and switch over to a new intelligent way to send money around the world.

Countries we serve in Asia
You can send money to India (INR), Bangladesh (BDT), Hong Kong (HKD), Indonesia (IDR), Nepal (NPR), Philippines (PHP), Singapore (SGD) and Sri Lanka (LKR)

Countries we serve in Europe
You can send money to UK (GBP), Austria (Euro), Belgium (Euro), Estonia (Euro), Finland (Euro), France (Euro), Germany (Euro), Greece (Euro), Ireland (Euro), Italy (Euro), Luxembourg (Euro), Malta (Euro), Netherlands (Euro), Portugal (Euro) and Spain (Euro)

Countries we serve in North America
USA (USD), Canada (CAD)
Countries we serve in Oceania
Australia (AUD)

Please Note: You can currently transfer money to the above countries from Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Regulating Authorities
We are a regulated business and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC License No: 464627), Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (HK License No: 16-01-01797) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (RA No: 01582)

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