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About Goodsomnia Lab: Snore tracker with sleep analyzer

You can easily record and analyse snoring by yourself using Goodsomnia Lab. Track and replay your snoring sounds, dive into your sleep report details and share it with your doctor – all from your mobile device.

This snore recording app help identify if you or your partner snored (snore detection) and what factors affected your snoring the most. Detailed sleep report with a snoring graph may be used as an initial non-medical assessment for snoring at home.

This is a beta version of the app that is constantly updated.


- Deep snoring analytics (powered by Machine Learning algorithm)
- Sleep efficiency tracking (control your Sleep debt or sleep excess)
- Alarm clock (sync with sleep event recording automatically)
- Goodsomnia Stop-snoring device support (personal recommendations, treatment plan templates and progress tracking)
- Remote monitoring (data history, connection with a doctor)

PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION includes everything in free, plus Sleep data trends and Data storage on the Secure-cloud and sync with all the devices.

Sleep data trends allow you to track the average sleep parameters in dynamics (week/month/custom period) such as:

- Snore value (dB)
- Snoring total (h)
- Snoring frequency (t/h)
- Average snoring (dB)
- Snoring intensity
- Risk assessment
- Total sleep time (h)
- Sleep efficiency (%)
- Morning feelings

You just need to download this mobile application, use it every night and monitor sleep statistics in dynamics. Choose time when you want to start recording (delay from 0 to 60 mins).

Goodsomnia Lab is a personal mobile tool for recording and deep analyzing of snoring. The app provides wider sleep and snore events analysis that allows you to control the effectiveness of the stop-snoring devices which you use.


The app is created to support the company's core patented technology - Goodsomnia Stop-snoring device - during the whole product usage cycles. Our solution for the snoring treatment based on patented bio-mechanical muscle stimulation device that looks similar to an electric toothbrush. The device will be available on the market in early 2020.

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If you have any questions, please, contact us [email protected] Your experience is important to us!

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Probably the best sleep ap app I've tried so far. But how does it monitor your resting heart rate? I have Premium
Works well. I sound terrible. I have managed some reduction in snoring following the tips and progress
Patrica Crosby
I use this app to monitor the snoring of my patients before and after treatment with Nightlase laser. Its so sensitive and can pick subtle changes! Highly recommended.
Janet Higgins
Nice app. It helped me to track my sleeping habits
Christina Daniels
Many options for sleep sounds, remedies and alarm. Fun hearing the varied snore patterns I had going.
Jack Molina
Goodsomnia Lab helps me monitor my sleep. I am so appreciative of this app!!!
Virgilio Andrews