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About Receipt Lens-Expense Tracking & Reporting

Getting tired of manually inputting expenses?
Getting tired of wasting time on spreadsheets?
Try Receipt Lens NOW - your ultimate time-saver and virtual accountant at your fingertips.

- Just snap a picture of a receipt and Receipt Lens automatically reads and exports all the details for you.
- Instantly create expense reports on the go and never miss anything for reimbursement
- Travel, grocery shopping, utilities and more. Receipt Lens recognizes almost all types of receipts, bills, and invoices.

Key Features:

Tracks expenses automatically
-Instantaneous and accurate transcription of receipt images
-Easily recognizes any type of receipts from anywhere
-Accurately records detailed info on receipts like date, merchant, tax, tips, currency, and more

Organizes expenses effortlessly
-Automatically recognizes the expense type and categorizes your receipt
-You can customize categories and create folders to easily separate business receipts from your personal expenses
-Simple and intuitive user interface.

Generates and exports your report instantly
-Generates your personal and business expense report within seconds
-Exports your expense report (with original receipt images) to Mail, Quickbook and more.
-Can share your expense report to your company for reimbursement or to friends for shared expenses

Great for small businesses, accountants, or anyone who wants to track expenses effortlessly. Download Receipt Lens now and try it on your next expense. Just snap a pic of the receipts, and Receipt Lens will do the rest for you!

Email: [email protected]
Cooperation: +86-571-85227696

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Receipt Lens?

Receipt Lens is an expense tracking and reporting application that helps users save time by automatically reading and exporting details from receipts.

How does Receipt Lens work?

Receipt Lens works by allowing users to snap a picture of a receipt, which is then transcribed and organized by the application. It recognizes different types of receipts and generates expense reports instantly.

Can Receipt Lens track expenses automatically?

Yes, Receipt Lens tracks expenses automatically by accurately transcribing receipt images and recording detailed information such as date, merchant, tax, tips, currency, and more.

Can Receipt Lens organize expenses?

Yes, Receipt Lens effortlessly organizes expenses by automatically recognizing the expense type and categorizing receipts. Users can also customize categories and create folders to separate business and personal expenses.

Can Receipt Lens generate and export reports?

Yes, Receipt Lens can generate personal and business expense reports within seconds. It also allows users to export reports, including the original receipt images, to platforms like Mail and Quickbooks.

Who can benefit from using Receipt Lens?

Receipt Lens is beneficial for small businesses, accountants, or anyone who wants to track expenses effortlessly.

How can I contact Receipt Lens support?

You can contact Receipt Lens support by sending an email to [email protected].

Is there a phone number for cooperation or partnership inquiries?

Yes, for cooperation or partnership inquiries, you can contact Receipt Lens at +86-571-85227696.
Love it so easy
Xgamer 12234
Excellent app. The photo reader can actually read the total amount, store, date, etc. from the photo you take of the receipt. Unlike most of the other apps, which cannot read any of the details of the receip...
Scott S
Govind Rajpoot
Awesome πŸ‘
Albin Jose
Rochelle Bell
A great app for sending receipts to the office.
mickey hardy