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About Contact Lenses Time

CONTACT LENSES TIME is a contact lenses manager.
No need to remember to manage your contacts, this app does that for you!

Follow the instructions inside the app to translate the app in your native language.
If you translate at least 25% of the app, send me an email and you'll get the PRO Version for FREE!

Save lenses duration and the days remaining will be automatically updated until lenses' expiration
Ability to manage separately right and left eye
Receive a daily usage notification
Receive a notification when lenses are expired
✓ Skip a day functionality
✓ 1 tap fast renewal of previous durations
Track the expiration date of your contact lenses
✓ Full Material Design
Creation and management of multiple profiles with every information you need:
● Contact Lenses type
● Contact Lenses duration
● Diopters
● Multifocal Lenses Diopters
● Contact Lenses model
● Contact Lenses colours
● Base curve (BC)
● Diameter (DIA)
● Cylinder (CYL) and Axis (AX) for astigmatism

If you want to support my project and access extra features you can go PRO with a small contribution

All the features of the FREE Version
✓ Light/Dark themes
✓ Ability to change the app theme with several different colours:
● Green
● Orange
● Violet
● Teal
● Yellow
● Pink
● Blue
● Pink Flesh
● Purple

For any kind of problem or suggestion, please contact me by email through the section "Developer" inside "Settings"

Actually supported languages:
● English
● Italian
● Spanish
● French
● Greek
● Dutch
● Croatian
● Slovenian
● Portuguese (Portugal)
● Hungarian
● Polish
● Czech
● Romanian
● Thai
● Slovak
● Russian (partial)
● Deutsch (partial)

If your language is not listed you can help me and do the translation. For more info open "Settings" inside the app :)

● AndroidPolice

● TuttoAndroid

● AndroidWorld

Gmail: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


CONTACT LENSES TIME is a contact lenses manager app that helps you keep track of your contact lenses and their expiration dates.

What features does the free version of CONTACT LENSES TIME offer?

The free version of CONTACT LENSES TIME allows you to save lenses duration, manage right and left eye separately, receive daily usage and expiration notifications, skip a day, and renew previous durations with just one tap.

What information can be included in the profiles managed by CONTACT LENSES TIME?

CONTACT LENSES TIME allows you to create and manage multiple profiles with information such as contact lenses type, duration, diopters, multifocal lenses diopters, model, colours, base curve (BC), diameter (DIA), and cylinder (CYL) and axis (AX) for astigmatism.

What extra features are available in the PRO version of CONTACT LENSES TIME?

The PRO version of CONTACT LENSES TIME includes all the features of the free version, as well as light/dark themes and the ability to change the app theme with several different colours.

How can I provide feedback or report a problem with CONTACT LENSES TIME?

You can contact the developer of CONTACT LENSES TIME by email through the "Developer" section in the app's "Settings".

What languages are currently supported by CONTACT LENSES TIME?

CONTACT LENSES TIME currently supports English, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Dutch, Croatian, Slovenian, Portuguese (Portugal), Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Thai, Slovak, and Russian (partial).

Can I help translate CONTACT LENSES TIME into my language?

Yes, if your language is not listed, you can help translate CONTACT LENSES TIME. For more information, open the "Settings" section in the app.
Does exactly what it should. Simple, effective. Love it.
Chris Boden
Excellent app, i am wearing lenses now for a half year, and i am using the app since that periode. It is easy to use. One small thing, when i want to change the duration for lenses i am currently using, lets...
Rick k
Finally a simple app for tracking your contact lenses wearing time that just works.
Lorenz Gorse
Very helpful app!!!!
M Bamby
Simple to use app does exactly what I wanted, tracks my contact usage. Popup reminder every morning asking if I am wearing my contacts today esily allows me to skip a day.
Pete Arcati
It is so easy to lose track of my daily-wear days left of my 2 week lenses. Since there are days that I don't use contacts this app makes it easy to keep an actual count of 14 days OF USE.
Wendy Albanese