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About OptiExpert™

OptiExpert™ is a free, multifunctional and multilingual app which has been designed to help eye care professionals deliver the best possible service to their patients who are contact lens wearers.

Toric calculator
An efficient way to calculate and evaluate the recommended diagnostic toric contact lens taking into consideration back vertex distance adjustment and on-eye orientation. Simply input the patient’s most recent spectacle prescription and OptiExpert™ will recommend suitable contact lenses from CooperVision’s range of daily disposable and monthly reusable hydrogel and silicone hydrogel products. OptiExpert™ will also support any refinement required based on practitioner observation of the toric axis location marker.

Multifocal calculator
An ideal aid for the eye care practitioner seeking to transition their presbyopic patient from spectacles to contact lenses. Simply input the patient's most recent spectacle prescription and OptiExpert™ will recommend suitable contact lenses from CooperVision's range of daily disposable and monthly reusable hydrogel and silicone-hydrogel products. For each product, OptiExpert™ will display the prescription likely to result in maximum fitting success.

Cost Comparison Calculator
This function clearly shows your patients the cost of upgrading their lenses. By simply selecting details from the dropdowns and adding the retail value of the products being compared by the eye care professionals, the calculator will demonstrate the difference in cost per wear, cost per week and cost per month.

Efron Grading Scale
Provides a simple reference for grading the severity of contact lens complications; aiding tissue change comparisons and helping patients understand the importance of their practitioner’s recommendations.

Based on the traditional ‘Efron Grading Scale’, the app converts this information into an easy-to-use digital tool, which is always on-hand. It allows practitioners to grade patients against 16 sets of images and covers the key anterior ocular complications of contact lens wear. The conditions are illustrated in five stages of increasing severity from 0–4, with traffic light colour banding from green (normal) to red (severe), providing a straightforward and efficient aid for the optical professional.

Available in 15 languages, OptiExpert™ enables practitioners to control what is shown to the patient so they only see the conditions and severity that is relevant to them. A visual representation of their condition also helps patients understand the importance of their ECP’s recommendations, such as upgrading to a silicone hydrogel contact lens to improve clinical signs of hypoxia or the importance of adhering to contact lens wearing schedules.

Additional benefits of the app include the ability to securely store images of the patient’s eye condition - facilitating easy comparison to other images on the scale to aid accurate grading. Practitioners are able to add their own comments following each patient evaluation, allowing a comprehensive record to be compiled of each individual’s condition and any treatment prescribed.

Please note that an app activation password is required to use OptiExpert™. Please ask your CooperVision representative for further details.

OptiExpert™ is an educational tool. Eye care professionals may choose to use the app as part of their patient evaluation. OptiExpert™ is not intended as and does not constitute medical or optometric advice and eye care professionals should rely on their own expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is OptiExpert™?

OptiExpert™ is a free app designed to assist eye care professionals in providing the best possible service to contact lens wearers.

What does the Toric calculator feature do?

The Toric calculator helps calculate and evaluate recommended toric contact lenses based on the patient's spectacle prescription and other factors.

What does the Multifocal calculator feature do?

The Multifocal calculator recommends suitable contact lenses for presbyopic patients based on their spectacle prescription.

What does the Cost Comparison Calculator do?

The Cost Comparison Calculator shows patients the cost difference between different lens options based on retail values and wear frequency.

What is the Efron Grading Scale?

The Efron Grading Scale is a tool that helps grade the severity of contact lens complications, providing a reference for practitioners and helping patients understand their condition.

How many languages is OptiExpert™ available in?

OptiExpert™ is available in 15 languages.

Can practitioners control what patients see in OptiExpert™?

Yes, practitioners can control the conditions and severity levels shown to patients in OptiExpert™.

What are some additional benefits of OptiExpert™?

OptiExpert™ allows practitioners to securely store images of patients' eye conditions, add comments, and create comprehensive records of each individual's condition and treatment.

Is OptiExpert™ a substitute for medical or optometric advice?

No, OptiExpert™ is an educational tool and should not be considered as medical or optometric advice. Eye care professionals should rely on their own expertise.

How can I activate and access OptiExpert™?

To use OptiExpert™, you need an app activation password. Please contact your CooperVision representative for further details.
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So helpful when trying to find unusual rx lens availability, or fitting MF first time
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